How to Overcome Shyness

Because shyness can grip us in such powerful ways, it’s tempting to think of it as an immutable part of our emotional make-up with roots that extend far into our personalities and perhaps biology, and that we would be incapable of ever extirpating. But in truth, shyness is based on Continue Reading

Heith Copes: Haddin Lecture on “Social Identity and Boundary Maintenance Among Drug Users”

Good morning. It is still two minutes away from. being good afternoon I hope you all have a good day. I am very pleased to introduce to you my colleague and friend Heith Copes. Heith… his research interests are on the cutting-edge if you would in the sense that he Continue Reading

SARTRE ON: Bad Faith

In being and nothingness written in 1943 the French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre identified a problem which he believed plagued modern life. Mauvaise Foi, literally “bad faith” Bad faith occurs when we lie to ourselves in order to spare ourselves short term pain, but thereby suffer from long term psychological Continue Reading

Robert Reich: Welcome to Class! In Focus: How to Ignite Social Change

Robert Reich: Welcome to you! And I want to introduce you to these wonderful, wonderful, fabulous students. This is the University of California, Berkeley. These are the best students ever, alright. [Cheers] And, and, not incidentally, this is the best university ever. The best, the best. It is. It’s true. Continue Reading

Constitution Lectures 4: Democracy or Republic? (HD version)

Welcome to Part 4 of our lecture series on the Constitution. This lecture deals with the kind of government the Constitution creates. Once again, we will be talking about the difference between the popular view of the Constitution and the reality behind it. More specifically, weíll talk about the idea Continue Reading

SOCIOLOGY – Theodor Adorno

Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno was born in Frankfurt in 1903 into a wealthy and cultured family. His father, a wine merchant, was of Jewish origin but had converted to Protestantism at university. Until his twenties, Adorno planned for a career as a composer, but eventually focused on philosophy. In 1934, he Continue Reading

Stephen Hicks – Explaining Postmodernism In 2018

[Music] good evening and welcome to Nevada I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time my apologies for that little thing over there I just can’t stand people like that – agent I’ll be your emcee for the night a founding partner of Capitol events and a veteran Continue Reading

Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

I’ve really been trying to understand the underlying psychology of postmodernism and its relationship with neo-Marxism, and then the spread of that into the universities and the effect on the culture. And what I would like to start with is a description of your understanding of that, because I’ve presented Continue Reading

2017/03/18: Mayhem while we’re freezing and starving: my talk at Western

these left your eyes and ears dr. Jordan Peterson our differences between men yes curtain tomorrow so the first thing I noticed did I actually mentioned this at the University of Toronto debate with some of you for all the watched is that and I’d be thinking about this for Continue Reading

Public vs Private | TIKhistory Q&A 27

To fully understand the present, we must understand the past. And one thing I see time and time again is people misunderstanding elements of the past, which is bad because it leads to false conclusions, which in turn leads to horrible and needless suffering. One of my Patrons, John Hargreaves, Continue Reading