Campus Indoctrination: The Parasitization of Myth


Jean-Paul Sartre made thinking and philosophy glamorous. He was born in Paris in 1905. His father, a navy captain, died when he was a baby – and he grew up extremely close to his mother until she remarried, much to his regret, when he was twelve. Sartre spent most of Continue Reading

Prof Dame Mary Beard – Tyranny and democracy

welcome to the latest in the series of Gifford lectures again to Professor Mary be a lecturer who I’ll introduce for me in a moment so those of you that know about the Gifford lectures and I know many of you will be regulars here know that the the universe Continue Reading

Jon Stewart | The Crisis of Religion and the Logic of the Gods || Radcliffe Institute

– Thank you very much, Judy, for the kind introduction. I’d of course like to take this opportunity to thank Judy and Liz and the entire staff here at Radcliffe for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic community of scholars and artists and writers of Continue Reading

10 Myths About Government Debt

ANTONY DAVIES: Myths about the government debt. Myth number one, the government owes 20 trillion dollars. How much is 20 trillion dollars? Suppose you go to Germany, and in Germany, you go to every town. In every town, you visit every store. In every store, you look at every shelf Continue Reading

ugc net english literature marxist criticism main features. whatsapp & call 9935058417

good morning students from today I have planned to discuss some very important discussions on paper three I have selected topics I have selected authors and points which has to be discussed for paper three and paper – paper three why because paper three is considered to be an in-depth Continue Reading

The rise of Hindu Nationalism, Gita Sahgal (Bradlaugh Lecture 2018 Part 4 – Q&A)

you mentioned briefly efforts in the UK to bring caste discrimination within the remit of the Equality Act something that we’ve been campaigning for to ensure that Dalits have some sort of legal protection against this form of prejudice which is very real research has shown that caste discrimination is Continue Reading

PHILOSOPHY: Jacques Derrida

Jacques Derrida was one of the most famous, controversial, but also wise figures in recent French intellectual life. He invented a way of doing philosophy that he called Deconstruction, which fundamentally altered our understanding of many academic fields, especially literary studies. Derrida was born in 1930 in El Biar, a Continue Reading

5 Inequality Myths

ANTONY DAVIES: Myths about inequality. Myth number one. Profit and plunder are the same thing. Imagine a person who provides services to society. Maybe he mows lawns, or fixes cars, or paints houses, and in return for these services he provides to others, he asks for something in return, maybe Continue Reading