Canberra Excursion: Museum of Australian Democracy

KID 1: Museum of Australian Democracy was fantastic. You can explore the Senate and the House of Representatives. You can learn new things that you’ve never learned before. KID 2: They’ve got to learn about the history of Australian democracy. KID 3: Museum of Australian Democracy was awesome because we Continue Reading

Is Democracy Dangerous? | The School of Lady Leshurr

MAN: Right, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. A hard-fought election campaign. I’m ready to announce the winner. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The School of Life is sendingsome of YouTube’s most popular creatorson a series of field trips,to explore some of philosophy’s most intriguing ideas.This time…♪ I Continue Reading

What does democratic socialism mean?

What does democratic socialism mean? democratic socialism. Noun 1. A left-wing ideology that aims to introduce democracy into the workforce, i.e. worker cooperatives, and ensure public provision of basic human needs. 2. Any form of socialism based on democratic principles and institutions.

ไต้หวันเป็นประชาธิปไตยได้อย่างไร? | How did Taiwan become a democracy?

Hello! The global development of democracy is such an interesting topic. As democracy is in fact not initially a part of human nature. Actually, humans and animals were not so different in terms of instinct. The stronger is the winner. Violence and aggression are sort of fundamental nature of human Continue Reading

What Caused the First World War?

What caused the devastating First World War? You may be aware of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This was, in fact, the trigger which set off the war from a number of underlying causes. These were: Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. Militarism created an arms race out of competition Continue Reading

Alice in Wonderland = Trippin’ Balls Through Self Discovery? – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What’s good homeboy? This week we divin down da rabbit hole with “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carrol. Alice chillin wit her sista and is ready to pass da f**k out when girl peep a swagged-out rabbit yappin bout how late he gon’ be. Whaaat? Alice follow dis busta down Continue Reading

MOOC | The Market Revolution and Democracy | The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1861 | 1.1.1

We start more or less in 1850. A couple of things to bear in mind, the categories to bear in mind, which we will talk about more in the next few weeks as we get into American history at this moment. Things that have happened in the 30-40 years before Continue Reading