Hitler – OverSimplified (Part 2)

Since Germany’s military had to be reduced, Hitler could no longer remain a soldier after the war, but he kept working for the army as an informant. After the war, communists in Germany had attempted a revolution, and the government was worried about communism in general, so Hitler was tasked Continue Reading

นี่คือแรงจูงใจที่ทำให้เกิดสงครามโลกครั้งที่ 2 | What was the motivation of the Axis powers in WW2?

Hello! The topic is World War II. Why did the Axis powers want to rule the world? But first Please Like and Share this clip and click Subscribe to the Spokedark channel Don’t forget to click the Alarm Let’s click before we start lets do a quick survey What lesson Continue Reading

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Denial of evolution is unique to the United States.I mean, we’re the world’s most advanced technological mean, you could say Japan but generally, the United States is where most of the innovations still happens. People still move to the United States. And that’s largely because of the intellectual capital we Continue Reading

Flag Friday! ETHIOPIA (Geography Now!)

Hey Geograpeeps, welcome to Flag Friday. Today’s episode is gonna be a heavy one, because we’re gonna discuss Ethiopia which has a lot of symbolism, and a lot of backstory behind it. First of all, small minor mistake I made in the episode. This is actually not the President of Continue Reading

Geography Now! Botswana

Bling bling! Welcome to Diamond Town, Africa! (“Geography Now” opening jingle) It’s time to learn geography…NOW! Hey everybody I’m your host Paul Barbado. If there was ever an African comeback kid, Botswana would definitely fit that title. But first, you know the drill. Let’s dissect the flag. (slot machine noises) Continue Reading

STATES (Bundesländer) of GERMANY EXPLAINED (Geography Now!)

Hey everybody, so as you know, we are working on the scripts for the next few country episodes, Which means this is gonna have to be a “Filler Week”! Heavily, heavily, heavily requested, This one is going to be on the states or Bundeslander of Germany. Germany is a powerhouse Continue Reading

Geography Now! Guinea Bissau

Just be honest: You really don’t know anything about this place, do you? That’s okay. I’m here to pretend like I do, for you. (intro music) It’s time to learn geography NOW! Hey everyone, I’m your host, Barby. All right, last episode, you saw the bigger, French-ier twin, Guinea. Now Continue Reading

Geography Now! LAOS

Lao. It’s pronounced Lao. Not Laossss. Lao, cool? Okay, now we can al-Lao this episode to begin properly. Sorry, I’m just, I’m so used to getting punched or hit or whatever whenever that happens, just um I guess I’m off the hook. Sorry I’m late, traffic was ridiculous out there. Continue Reading

คอมมิวนิสต์ คืออะไร? | What is Communism?

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about a form of government Which is called “Communism”. In some decades ago, we probably could not have discussed the issue in public without being arrested. But fortunately, we are now living in an Enlightenment era, that allows us to gain knowledge without fear Continue Reading

The Singing Revolution: Educational Version 1.1 – Flag Protest

Narrator: Within four months the heritage society had grown to ten thousand people. In April of 1988 they decided to organize a demonstration celebrating Estonian history and culture. It was held in the University town of Tartu. (Music) The demonstration was monitored by Soviet police. (Music) Marju Lauristin: The feeling Continue Reading