The True Story of 6 Remarkable Sisters

This video is supported by The Great Courses Plus. [DAVID] “I’m normal, my wife is normal, but my daughters are which more foolish than the other. Nancy writes lies about me, Diana’s the most hated woman in the country, Jessica’s missing off the face of the earth, and Unity is Continue Reading

What Do You Need To Run For President of the United States?

Think you got what it takes to run for President of the most powerful nation on earth? Well, you probably do seeing as that bar has been historically set pretty low at times, and with 2020 around the corner people around America are even now beginning to consider their candidacy Continue Reading

What’s Education For?

Everyone agrees that education is hugely important The thing is we’re not particularly sure what we want from it The aim of education should be to prepare us for the challenges of adult life Yet from this perspective it’s clear that schools fail all but for tiny portions of their Continue Reading

The Try Guys Make Sushi Rolls

(mocks Keith) – Lets stay on time. – I need the menu. – In 1974, the International Culinary Institute (laughing) was founded. – [Eugene] Ever since then, kids have been coming through these halls learning how to make food. Today, I’m eating everything at the Institute– – International Culinary– – Continue Reading

300 Largest United States Cities · Map & Pronunciation

Flint city Michigan Hillsboro city Oregon Roanoke city Virginia Erie city Pennsylvania Kenosha city Wisconsin Woodbridge New Jersey South Bend Indiana Las Cruces New Mexico Tyler Texas Sandy Springs Georgia Edison New Jersey Clovis California Lakeland Florida Davenport Iowa Rialto California Lewisville Texas San Mateo California El Cajon California Santa Continue Reading

The Try Guys Try Pottery

(classical music) (yelling) (upbeat music) – Pottery! Today we’re making bowls and pot. No, not like that, you crazy people. Bowls and pots. – Eugene is not here today, because he’s actually preparing for a drag performance, so while he’s doing that, we’re gonna drag our hands on some clay. Continue Reading

Learn About Catholicism | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-Hey, everybody! It’s a beautiful day, and the air is clean because we’re not in Los Angeles. We’re in Fillmore. And we’re gonna be meeting Blythe, who is a Catholic, who’s 31 and has five children. I’m 29, and I have…an XBox. So, let’s go learn about Catholicism! Hi, you Continue Reading

States Of Matter – Solids, Liquids & Gases | Properties of Matter | Chemistry | FuseSchool

The Fourth State of Matter Could Scrub Viruses From The Air

Getting sick and having absolutely no way to prevent it from happening: not ideal. While the medical community has made huge strides in understanding how pathogens cause disease and developing treatments to fight against infection, detecting airborne viruses and preventing them from entering our bodies remains unreasonably difficult. And by Continue Reading