Tips For Beginner Swimmers | Improve Your Swimming Confidence

– We’re taking things back to basics today and looking at the very beginnings of how to swim. And I’m going to be making no presumptions here, so we’re going to include the basics of what you might need, how to get into the pool and how to get started Continue Reading

PODCAST | Build Your English Confidence

Hello, I’m Emma from mmmEnglish and this video is a little different to my usual YouTube videos because it’s actually a video recording of a podcast interview that I did just a few days ago, with the guys from Real Life Global. Now, it was my first podcast interview so Continue Reading

Our Common Bond Clip 4 – Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties

Responsibilities of citizenship. Obey the law. It is the responsibility of all Australians to obey Australian government laws, state and territory government laws and local government laws, vote in elections and in a referendum. Voting is both a responsibility and a right. Citizens aged 18 years or over must register Continue Reading

LC State Business

The Business Division at LC, it cares about your success, and your potential. And realizing your potential. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my accounting degree. But, through working with my professors, they’ve been able to put me on a couple different paths to success. Even just Continue Reading

IELTS Speaking Tips | Fear to Confidence | Introvert to Extrovert |

Hey guys, hi. I’m Manjita and welcome back to my channel Well today we will touch with a very very important topic which a lot of you have been asking me about and expressing your fear expressing your anxiety and Asking me tips and tricks of how to face the Continue Reading

Do You Trust Your Friends? • Street Tested

– Hey! It’s Yessica. Would you sell out your friends to make a quick buck? Are we hard-wired to be selfish? I don’t know. Let’s hit the streets and find out. (upbeat techno music) – [Voiceover] You and another person have just been caught after a recent crime spree. The Continue Reading

Confidence As a Photographer – Mike Browne

someone sent me an email a few weeks ago asking can an introvert become a good photographer I’m not gonna name this person, let’s just call him john smith. well this series of photography they’re about exactly this kind of thing. It’s about finding confidence in yourself your abilities and Continue Reading

Are Your Political Beliefs Genetic?

The human brain is complex and people’s brains are different based on a whole bunch of different things. But as America enters yet another election season I gotta know, does our physiology shape our politics or vice versa? This ought to get that comment section jumping jumping like it’s 1999. Continue Reading

The Einstein myth: Why the cult of personality is bad for science | Michelle Thaller

So Jonathan you ask a question that actually gets to the heart of a lot of my ideas about science and culture. And you ask about the celebrity culture. We hear about these famous scientists, it goes Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson; we know of these Continue Reading

7 Steps to Confident English!

Learning English can be a bit of a roller coaster ride, right? You have moments of “I can’t believe I finally did it!” and “Oh man I’m so over this right now!!” “I’m going to give up!” The longer you’ve been studying, the tougher it gets! Can you remember the Continue Reading