10 Useful English Phrases You’ll Use Over and Over | Go Natural English

Hello and welcome back to go natural English You’re in the right place If you want to improve your fluency in the next 10 minutes with me Gabby your favorite American English teacher I am so excited because today we are going to learn ten Phrases that are going to Continue Reading

Learn the Cockney accent with Jason Statham

You’re asking me about Cockney accent? Did you know a “Cockney” used to be a pejorative term for the working class Yeah. Nonsense! It is the accent of the true Londoner Who’s a true Londoner? If you’re thinking of that guy in Mary Poppins Nonsense, that is an American impostor, Continue Reading

What is a ‘social media influencer’?

Feifei: Hi Neil, you look stressed? Neil: Oh, not really. Just writing a script for The English We Speak. I’m a bit stuck. Feifei: What’s the phrase? Neil: Social media influencer. Feifei: Well, that’s easy. Neil: Maybe for someone young and trendy like you! Go on then, tell me. Feifei: Continue Reading

English Vocabulary: 5 verbs to make you sound smart

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Learn English in 3 Hours – ALL You Need to Master English Conversation

Want To Speak Real English From Your First Lesson? Sign Up for Free Lifetime Account at English Class101.com Want To Speak Real English From Your First Lesson? Sign Up for Free Lifetime Account at English Class101.com Hi, everbody. I’m Alisha and I’m join today by… Michael, hello! Michael, hello And Continue Reading

Advanced English Lesson: Using ADJECTIVES as NOUNS

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ENGLISH SPEECH | TOM HANKS: Fear or Faith? (English Subtitles)

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8 Tips for British English Pronunciation

Hi, everyone. I’m Jade. What we’re talking about today is some pronunciation tips for British English. Some of them are tips; some of them are observations that you might be interested to know. We’ve got eight of them, so let’s get started. Pronunciation of-ed word endings. This is not specifically Continue Reading

QUIZ: American VS British English Pronunciation

Vanessa: Hi! I’m Vanessa from SpeakEnglishwithVanessa.com. Are you ready to test your listening skills? Let’s talk about it. I have a tough question for you. Is American or British English better? Well, in all honesty if you want to understand all native English speakers, you’re going to have to understand Continue Reading