Why You NEED To Be Reading | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– If you’re still selling the way you were 20 years ago, I don’t trust you. If you’re leading the way you were 10 years ago, I don’t trust you. You’ve gotta stay fresh and relevant and capable. This is, there’s several ways I talk about in the book of Continue Reading

What Can The Lock Business Teach Us About Trust? | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– So I was asked to be the commencement speaker at my university. Walked back on campus 23 years later. First thing I show my kids on campus, my Post Office Box. Cool dad. You know that PO Box is in the exact same spot it was 23 years ago? Continue Reading

Where Is There A Gap In Your Organization? | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– I’m not gonna go into the specifics in this short keynote, but I want you to just think about, just with your team, maybe take your building, or your community, when you go back, and just think, what’s a lack of trust costing here? Let’s be open about it, Continue Reading

How To Be Happier In 2020 | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– What is the most magnetic trait in the world to the most people? Think about it, because this is the same trait Prager Research found was common to the happiest people in the world, when they said, “What is it about happy people? Are they a certain color skin? Continue Reading

Do You Need To Rebuild Trust? | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– People sometimes ask me, David how do you re-build trust, once you’ve broken it? Anybody made a mistake or lost and had to re-build trust? Yeah, and a few liars, okay, so… (audience laughs) for those of us that ever have, yes we have a 15 step process if Continue Reading

Why You MUST Show You Care Beyond Yourself | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– Number two, compassion. This is one of your values. It turns out, we trust those that have an intent beyond themselves, a care beyond themselves, a compassion beyond themselves. Many organizations look like this, I’m up here, you’re down there, poop on you. (Audience laughter) We don’t wanna be Continue Reading