Flag and anthem of Esperanto language

Into the world came a new feeling, through the world goes a powerful call; by means of wings of a gentle wind now let it fly from place to place. Not to a bloodthirsty sword does it draw the human family: to the eternally fighting world it promises sacred harmony. Continue Reading

Geography Now! Botswana

Bling bling! Welcome to Diamond Town, Africa! (“Geography Now” opening jingle) It’s time to learn geography…NOW! Hey everybody I’m your host Paul Barbado. If there was ever an African comeback kid, Botswana would definitely fit that title. But first, you know the drill. Let’s dissect the flag. (slot machine noises) Continue Reading

Vytautas Landsbergis: The Struggle to Preserve Lithuania’s Culture

The Soviets had their policies and tasks to build up a new culture. A new communist, of course—culture -— a false culture dictated, limited, and degenerated to some level. Servile to communist rulers and praising the system as the best in the world and the future of all mankind. And Continue Reading

Michael Savage Explains How The Dems Have Become The Communist Party USA

it’s mass hysteria as Mike you could say both parties want total power which would be true the difference here is that one party seems to stand for a little bit more for the American Way borders language and culture that would be the Republicans slightly more so they’re not Continue Reading

How the Phrase Red Herring Came to Mean Something That is Misleading

How the Phrase Red Herring Came to Mean Something That is Misleading Meaning a distraction or false trail, the expression “red herring” has been relatively commonly used for the last two centuries, and its origins do, in fact, begin with a rust-colored fish. However, until quite recently, the accepted origins Continue Reading

What If The World Was One Country?

Can you imagine the world as one big country? If so, you wouldn’t be the first person to have mused over such a thing. In this world, we would not be antagonized by other’s religious beliefs, but accept the fundamental right to have a belief. There would probably be one Continue Reading

Flag and anthem for a Communist Japan

起て飢えたる者よ tate uetaru monoyo 今ぞ日は近し imazo hiwa chikashi さめよわが同胞 sameyo waga harakara 暁は来ぬ akatsukiwa kinu 暴虐の鎖絶つ日 bogyakuno kusari tatsu hi 旗は血に燃えて hatawa chini moete 海をへだてつ我ら umiwo hedatetsu warera 腕むすびゆく kaina musubi yuku いざ戦わんいざ iza tatakawan iza 奮い起ていざ huruitetate iza ああインターナショナル aa intānashonaru 我等がもの wareraga mono いざ戦わんいざ iza tatakawan iza 奮い起ていざ Continue Reading

The War that Changed the English Language – Mini-Wars #3

This video was made possible by Skillshare, an online learning community with over 17,000 classes in just about anything you can imagine. (jeez they’re sponsoring everyone nowadays) Keep watching until the end of the video to learn how you can get your first two months for free. England in the Continue Reading

Introducing Myself in My Language Is Political

Honey Crisp beaver indigenous cause alder villain dude Juba Toronto and damn noon go this is how I introduce myself in anishinaabemowin or Ojibwe as I called it growing up if you're more fluent than I am you might be laughing at my pronunciation which is probably even worse than Continue Reading