Confident Rohui is a vocal queen? [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.16]

(You can hear music at this recording studio.) I can hear Aunt Bada. You can hear Aunt Bada? (It’s really Bada.) Let’s go. Aunt Bada. – Hello. Are you here already? / – Yes. – We’re here. / – You’re early. – Hello? / – Hello, Bada. Eugene isn’t picking Continue Reading

Somi with low self confidence ends up crying with Teacher’s advice [Sister’s SlamDunk 2/2017.03.17]

(Class 1, warming up and group practice) (Class 2, private lessons) Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s an honor to be able to teach you. I’m the one that should be thankful. I never thought we’d be able to work together. And we meet like this. (Her singing is Continue Reading

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigns amid MAX 737 fallout

the CEO of Boeing has resigned as the company tries to rebuild trust following two deadly crashes this year of the max 737 aircraft the reshuffle is seen as part of Boeing’s efforts to regain trust from customers Aram deal tells us more dennis Muhlenberg stepped down from his post Continue Reading

U.S. envoy for N. Korea sworn in as Deputy Secretary of State

America’s special envoy for North Korea Steven vegan was sworn in on Saturday as the Deputy Secretary of State he was confirmed last week by the Senate vegan has been involved in various Foreign Relations and government rules as executive secretary of the National Security Council and chief of staff Continue Reading

Defense ministry highlighted plans to acquire state-of-the-art weapons to implement…

the Defense Ministry highlighted plans to implement its reform plan aimed at modernizing the military it involves acquiring advanced weapons and boosting defense systems Kim Jin has more on defense reform a 2.0 the Ministry of National Defence of Friday it’s enforcing its midterm plan previously unveiled in August aimed Continue Reading

U.S. Senate confirms Stephen Biegun as Deputy Secretary of State

and this just coming in and the US Senate has confirmed the current Special Representative for North Korean Affairs Stephen vegan to become president old Trump’s number two diplomat at the State Department in a 93 vote now the new promotion places began the Deputy Secretary of State seat behind Continue Reading

Shoko Asahara, head of Aum Shinrikyo cult behind Tokyo gas attack executed

Over in Japan, back in 1995, devout followers of a doomsday cult carried out simultaneous attacks using Saring never gas Tokyo’s subway system, killing 13 and injuring thousands. Today, the man who founded the doomsday group and masterminded the horrific act, is executed, along with several of the zealots that Continue Reading

Qualcomm to appeal record South Korean anti-trust fine

the Seoul High Court has decided to uphold a record 873 million u.s. dollar fine against the American tech giant Qualcomm the company was fine due to unfair business practices related to a patent licensing and modem chip sales the court said Qualcomm abused its dominant market position rejecting the Continue Reading

Pompeo warns EU that Chinese telecom firms spy on users, steal data

meanwhile US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned the EU against working with Chinese Network firms Huawei and ZTE accusing them of spying on users and stealing personal data pompei wrote a strongly worded op-ed for political Europe this week as ministers in Brussels gather for a communications meeting Continue Reading

S. Korea strengthens trade and investment ties with Vietnam

the asean-korea commemorative summit has come to a close but it marks the start of closer business ties between the two this morning Seoul hosted the Korea Vietnam business forum our business correspondent kim moo-sung reports on that forum and some achievements made in the summit with asean korean and Continue Reading