Trust me I’m a scientist | Fast Forward Science 2016

Take a look at all these people. What do you think do they all have in common? I’ll give you the answer at the end of this video, but first – We need to talk. Intuition, gut feeling – our decisions aren’t all just based on logic, facts, and numbers. Continue Reading

Kim Petras Struts in Front of Westboro Baptist Church Picketers at Her Show | Billboard News

♪ ‘Cause of you now my heart is so icy ♪ ♪ Icy ♪ – When people show up to protest your show, you showed them you’re the bitch with the sauce, apparently. At least that’s what Kim Petras did when the bigoted hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church announced Continue Reading

Babel & Socialism – Prophecy & Worship 2009

on today’s prophetic rewind try to build a tower go to heaven no it was what she did no it was what she there was a try I was listening to the sounds of their misunderstanding they were going while I am in trying why do they want go on Continue Reading

Jonathan Kim Reviews Capitalism:A Love Story

so where do i have to address a review now i would be travels of a love story by michael moore uh… and i saw the spending a burger earlier but i want to baggage of the chance crude as well and then afterwards we’re going to have access to Continue Reading

Where are you, Dear General? [Subtitles]

Ah – Supreme Headquarters Where are you? – Where are you? Lead us to you! When the bright Big Dipper in the sky we see Fatherly General We ask ourself where you now are Light shines in the window of the Supreme Headquarters General out there somewhere where are you Continue Reading

What If North Korea Wasn’t Communist?

Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest Questions, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Well, here we are again. North Korea. The enigma. Some of us know very little about the country, and some of us know far more than we would have liked. It’s a country of strife and struggle, largely due Continue Reading

N. Korean leader not elected as deputy to parliament for first time in N. Korean history

North Korea released the results of its parliamentary election held on Sunday. While the communist state elected nearly 700 deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly, its leader Kim Jong-un was not included in the list — the first such case in the regime’s history. Oh Jung-hee tells us why. For Continue Reading

Best Korea – Anime Opening

Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this land, Three thousand leagues packed with natural wealth. My beautiful fatherlaaaaaaaand. So splendorous and so supreme. Our dear leader is the glory of our people. Brought up in a brilliant culture. Let us devote our bodies and minds to supporting Continue Reading

Kim Jong-un becomes first North Korean leader to visit non-communist state in 53 years

This trip by Kim Jong-un is the first time that a North Korean leader has flown to a non-communist state since the mid-1960s…. and he has brought with him a huge North Korean delegation to Singapore. It’s a who’s-who of Pyongyang’s political, military and even cultural elite. Lee Seung-jae reports. Continue Reading