Do You Sell Physical Products?

– Question for you: Do you sell physical products on Amazon, Shopify, Kickstarter, or ClickFunnels? If so you might have heard, you might have seen, the game is changing really, really quickly. There’s some price wars goin’ on, right Ester? There is an increased competition. Big companies are moving into Continue Reading

Public Goods and Blockchain: The Kickstarter Example

one of the ways that puck team will help us transform society is by enabling us to write up and execute little contracts that solve everyday game theory Dylan's public goods dilemmas are one of the types of game theory problems that blockchain will help us solve and in this Continue Reading

RPG Exploration Society – Trial by Trolley

hello hey I'll be your host tonight yeah that's what we're doing we're gonna play a card game robots Raleigh I'm going to be the initial conductor but who are you that is a good question many of us we're an existential question obviously there's a literal answer yeah I'm Continue Reading

SHASN – a Dice Tower Preview with Mark & Randy

[Applause] you hey folks welcome back to their diced our preview I'm mark and I'm Randy today we're taking a look at Joslin shaston is brought to you by mimesis culture labs it plays three to five players ages 12 and up and games take between 90 minutes and 2 Continue Reading