The March of History: Mises vs. Marx – The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

You see? It’s a revolution. Capitalism’s days are numbered. Then there goes our freedom. If Socialism wins, America loses. We have nothing to lose but our chains. And our civilization. Learn some history. Private property and free markets built modern day society. Yeah and modern society is the problem. Two Continue Reading

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Alienation – Part 1

This is David Harvey and you’re listening to the Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, a podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens. This podcast is made possible by Democracy at Work So for this week’s topic I want to take up the question of alienation. Now alienation is a concept that Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson & Slavoj Žižek – Happiness: Capitalism Vs. Marxism – HQ Video & Audio + English CC

Announcer: Good evening and welcome to the Sony Center for Performing Arts. Please note during tonight’s presentation, video, audio, and flash photography is prohibited and we have a strict zero tolerance policy for any heckling or disruptions… and now, please welcome your host and moderator, president of Ralston College, Doctor Continue Reading

Uri Avnery – Were the Oslo Accords good for the Palestinians? (278/315)

There should be a historical debate about whether, with hindsight, this entire Oslo policy was right from the Palestinian point of view. I think this debate has not yet ended. It reminds me personally of the debate between Karl Marx and Ferdinand Lassalle. Ferdinand Lassalle was the father of the Continue Reading

Antonio Gramsci – Ideology & Hegemony

Antonio Gramsci was a leader of the Italian Communist Party He was imprisoned by the Mussolini Regime in 1926 and remained there for 20 years. During this time he wrote extensively in what is now famously known as “The Prison Notebooks.” These are essays by Gramsci that total thousands of Continue Reading

To Your Left: #7 The Working Class | على شمالَِك: “عامل” إيه؟

Every time I dis capitalism, they say give us a quick solution and don’t bore us with your theory, we want a realistic resolution. As if overcoming social classes, is as easy as conducting a coup d’état just spouting a few orders and eliminating all our differences brah. But this Continue Reading

The HITCH Series | Marx on Religion

it is flat-out not true to say that Karl Marx referred to religion as an opiate. What he says, I can quote it from memory, from his contribution to the critique of Hegel’s philosophy of right is this: He says religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature The heart Continue Reading

Marx on Human Development – The Root of Socialism

Marx Part 1: Human Development – The Root of Socialism Sometimes it looks like there’s a paradox in Marx. On the one hand, he seems deeply committed to changing the world for non-selfish reasons. On the other hand, he rejects talking about ‘justice’, ‘morality’, and so on, which sounds like Continue Reading

Ambassador Of Socialism | Dr. Rammanohar Lohia | Biography Film | Official Trailer

He is one of the biggest thinkers … there is no politician like him When he is in conversation with Einstein, it seems that he too is as big a scientist as Einstein Lohia has contributed to the life and works of famous painter M F Hussain He made a Continue Reading