Economic Update: Injustice, Race and Class

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Economic Update, a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives – those of our children, those looming ahead of all of us. I’m your host, Richard Wolff. I want to start today by telling you three little short stories about corporate Continue Reading

Richard Wolff on Corporate Debt and Warnings From the IMF

Let me turn then to a remarkable story about modern capitalism that sort of illustrates the idea that the problems it has force solutions which then create more problems. Let me give you the example that is urgent now. You all know that we had a crash of global capitalism Continue Reading

Richard Wolff on recent Nobel Winners in Economics

The Nobel Committee in Sweden issued the Nobel Prize in Economics to three economists who are specialists in having come up with interesting little ways (they call them incremental solutions) to poverty, particularly in Kenya in East Africa and in India. I take nothing away from these economists. They’re working Continue Reading

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Alienation – Part 2

This is David Harvey, and you’re listening to the Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, a podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens. This podcast is made possible by Democracy at Work. So last week I was talking about alienation in the labor process, and the extension of that alienation given contemporary Continue Reading

Finding God in Church: Good News for Everybody

(upbeat music) – So I’ll just say I think in the beginning one of the things that was most important to us was to translate church into our culture so that we could have people come who had never been in a church or maybe went to a church as Continue Reading

Economic Update: Corporate Capitalism in Decline [CLIP]

[WOLFF] Where in the broader picture, of what you see going on in the United States and beyond, is the problem of the economic system? What we talk about on this program? I thought my viewers and listeners would enjoy how it looks from another perspective. From yours, you have Continue Reading

Class Analysis: Pilot

Thanks for tuning in. You’re listening to our first episode of Class Analysis, a podcast where we’re going to be discussing what it means to be a student living through this very strange and interesting moment in our economy’s performance. Unpaid internships, student debt, inequality, and a growing population of Continue Reading

Richard Wolff on the Concentration of Corporate Power

20 years ago there were approximately seven or eight thousand corporations, public companies, in the United States. Today there’s half that number. Why? Because they have concentrated. Many have become fewer. The typical corporation is therefore much larger. The Board of Directors hasn’t changed, that’s still 15 to 20 people, Continue Reading

Economic Update: The Capitalist Corporation [Trailer]

The largest corporations in America, the top 2-3 hundred is really all we need to talk about, are like the kings of old and the court. The power of these corporations cannot be exaggerated. When you choose a job you’re choosing a life, a community, a place for your home, Continue Reading

Richard Wolff on Investor Risk vs. Worker or Consumer Risk

Investors risk [by] putting their money into buying shares of a corporation. So they end up having all the power and control to elect the board of directors and ultimately to control what happens in the corporation (what decisions it finally makes). And the notion is that somehow reasonable or Continue Reading