Westboro Baptist Church Interview On Anonymous Threat/Hoax, Calls Host “Little Girl”

Announcer: The David Pakman Show at www.DavidPakman.com. David: Welcome back to the show. It has been reported that the hacking group Anonymous, which was involved in Wikileaks sent a letter to the Westboro Baptist Church indicating that they would be targeting the Westboro Baptist Church. Westboro Baptist Church, of course Continue Reading

Meaning-less Chatter: Episode 4/Fence Sitters

Hi, this is Julian Durazo and this is Iyan Socolove and this is Meaning-less Chatter So today we’ll be talking about Plato’s noble lie Yeah, and whether it should exist or not, so throughout this podcast I have Made a mistake by calling a platonic lie. I realize it’s a Continue Reading

Q&A: Politics, Economy, Elections… Wars & Resources… Environment, Education, Health… [ASMR]

oh cool we're live hi everyone this is Chitra this is may 31st 2019 and Friday 6:30 p.m. my time Pacific time and we're doing a stream on just an open discussion on current events usually snooze politics economics investing technology markets whatever markets they may be what do we Continue Reading