Which Countries Hate The United States?

After years of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States, tensions have soared to a new high. Both countries hold extremely negative views of each other. Iranian leaders are even known to chant “Death to America” in their public addresses. However, some countries have even less favorable views of Continue Reading

Never Question Your Beliefs!

Sponsored by Movie Trailer Trash, a new YouTube channel by Josh Tay … Oh! Hey guys! Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Well, I started a new YouTube channel called Movie Trailer Trash and basically I just review movies and movie trailers and just talk about movies and stuff. So Continue Reading

Blindfold Trust Fall – Don’t Choose The Wrong Ball Pit (Slime Edition) Challenge! / JustJordan33

Why Isn’t Palestine A State Yet?

In May of 2015, the Vatican officially recognized the State of Palestine. They joined at least 135 UN members who also acknowledge Palestine’s independence. However, a number of countries, Israel and the US in particular, have failed to recognize the legitimacy of an independent Palestinian state, with it’s four million Continue Reading

Messy Mondays: The Three Types of Churches

You know what cracks me up? Whenever someone’s like, “Dude, my church is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” and then goes on to describe any church you’ve ever been to. And you’re standing there like, “Yeah, dude. Yes, that’s awesome. Cool.” Look, when it comes down to it, there’s Continue Reading

Japan vs. The Islamic State

The Truth about Church Camp

♫ [intro tune] ♫ Sponsored by Jackthreads Go to jackthreads.com/cow and use the promo code “cow” to get 20 percent off your purchase. So if you’re not in the buckle of the bible belt, you probably hear the term “church camp” and think of something like this – Josh: Repeat Continue Reading

Why I don’t go to church – Jordan Peterson

“Can we take the biblical” – Andrew Wells asks – “Can we take the biblical stories seriously enough without also keeping biblical traditions? What’s the psychological impact of group gathering? Church-going?” I think we could take the biblical stories seriously enough, but I don’t think that it’s particularly easy. The Continue Reading