BETTER BELIEFS For ENFPs and other IDEALISTS – Dreams Around The World

So imagine you’re walking through the park and you see a parent and their young child and you overhear the parents saying hey Bobby you can do anything you want in life anything is possible and you walk by and you start to think about this is this true can Continue Reading

How to Gain Self-Respect And CONFIDENCE – Jordan Peterson | Success Advice

So, you know one way of conceptualizing yourself is that you’re one speck of dust among seven billion and when you conceptualize yourself that way you might think well what difference does it make what I say or do and that’s actually quite convenient for you because If it doesn’t Continue Reading

23 Minutes from Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief

Hi I’m in the dressing room at the Palace Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky on June 14th 2018 and I thought I’d read you an excerpt from maps of meaning the architecture of belief which is a book I published in 99 with Routledge and It’s been the basis of my Continue Reading

On Claiming Belief In God: Discussion with Dennis Prager

You So everybody When I never met in person I never met Jordan Peterson in person But I said to him when we met right before lunch Something that I said to me by so many people who meet me for the first time. I feel like I know you Continue Reading

2017 Personality 22: Conclusion: Psychology and Belief

[Music] I called the course personality and its transformations and I think you could think about that as a restatement of the idea of being and becoming and that’s what you are you’re for whatever that means you’re an entity that both is and is transforming and there’s a rule Continue Reading

On Claiming Belief in God: Commentary

So I think i’ll tell you what I’ve learned. Over the last year, um, I’ve traveled to about a hundred and sixty cities since last January with my wife Tammy, and spoken to about 300 thousand people at live events. And so the first thing I’ve learned was that, for Continue Reading

Lindsay Shepherd on university cults and Left vs Right

Lyndsay Shepard you’re quite the celebrity. How celebrity status treating you? Oh I don’t feel like I’m a celebrity. You’re almost a household name in North America at least. Yeah and it’s nice to be like in the niche of like free speech and stuff like that. So you’re on Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson – Controversial Facts about IQ

Okay, now… down to cognitive ability. Well… How can you conceptualize intelligence? Well, this is a major problem, because your initial conceptualization determines, in part, the strategies that you’re going to use to investigate intelligence. And… when you say… when you pare a sentence down to “What is intelligence?”… – Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson – Blue-Collar Lifestyle and IQ

“Have you ever had to tell someone, that they are best suited to a subservient/blue-collar lifestyle, because they don’t have any semblance of brilliance?” Okay well, I wanna take issue with the formulation of that question, although I think it’s a perfectly reasonable question. That’s Jan Swan. Don’t be thinking, Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson: Inequality and hierarchy give life its purpose

If you don’t have anything to look up to, you don’t have anything to do, right? A lot of the meaning that people find in their lives is purpose driven. And in order to put effort into something, to work towards something, you have to assume axiomatically that what you’re Continue Reading