What If North Korea Wasn’t Communist?

Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest Questions, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Well, here we are again. North Korea. The enigma. Some of us know very little about the country, and some of us know far more than we would have liked. It’s a country of strife and struggle, largely due Continue Reading

On Analyzing the Preceding Ideology of the Working Class

hello and welcome to another judging ear eating today I will be reading Kim Jong Il's on correctly analyzing and reviewing the history of the preceding revolutionary ideology of the working class from a talk to social scientists May 20th June 17th and September 30th 1966 this reading will be Continue Reading

Donald Trump’s love affaiir with Kim Jong Un reaches a whole | POLITICS NEWS

on Saturday evening October 20th 1973 President Nixon ordered attorney general Elliot Richardson to fire Archibald Cox the special prosecutor investigating the Watergate scandal Richardson refused and resigned in protest Nixon then turned to Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus who also refused and resigned Solicitor General Robert Bork then carried Continue Reading