“Are you going to stand when culture disagrees with you or are you going to run?”

What foundation have you built your life actually on? Are you trying to be a mom? Are you trying to be a businessman? Are you trying to be funny? Are you trying to be smart? All of this is about the foundations, and what happens is God, through this Psalm, Continue Reading


In Jesus’ mighty name! Turn to your neighbour and greet them, “Emmanuel”. Give your neighbour a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. Give your other neighbour a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. Give the neighbour behind you a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. Give the neighbour in front of you a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. And greet the Continue Reading

The Bible and the Church Fathers – Lesson 1

Hi. I’m Matthew Leonard. Welcome to The Bible and the Church Fathers, part of the St. Paul Center’s Journey Through Scripture Bible study series. You know, everybody wants to know where they came from – what their biological roots are. It’s why there’s a whole business built around researching family Continue Reading

Who is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost? | Faith and Beliefs

In 1842, Joseph Smith, the first prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, wrote down 13 of the religions fundamental beliefs. We pulled a Star Wars and already covered number 11 in a past video but now we’re rewinding to number 1. Article of faith Continue Reading

Church Membership – Bible Questions with Michael Pearl – Episode 033

Bible Questions with Michael Pearl – Episode 033 [music] Michael Pearl: All right. If you haven’t tuned in before to our Bible questions, this is Mike Pearl. During the wintertime we sit indoors and answer your questions. But during the summertime, Jarod’s going to have to chase me around with Continue Reading

Belief & Doubt: ““It’s A Confusing State to Be In” – Jonas’ Story

My name is Jonas Manuel. My faith in perhaps the Church is not so strong. I was 14 years old when I converted to the Church. My parents had just barely gone through a horrible divorce and my mom was looking for something different, something better. It led to the Continue Reading

The Wishy Washy Church Gospel

Churches preach humanism , tolerance, compromise, prosperity and freedom. Churches tickle the ears of the congregation and make them feel comfortable in their sin. The gospel that is preached in churches is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ does not convert you into a church Continue Reading

Jesus Camp & Suicide Watch

in a recent video I briefly mentioned going to a Jesus boot camp when I was attending in Christian College if you missed that one you might want to refer to it to make more sense of this video quick history I grew up being indoctrinated into the Pentecostal Christian Continue Reading

Being Satisfied Is Believing

An essential element of faith is joy — delight. Here’s a verse I would put as support for that from John 6:35: “Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.’” Now, notice the Continue Reading

Definition of a Cult | That’s in the Bible PODCAST

I’m Brother Bob Pellien. Thank you for joining us on this podcast episode of That’s In The Bible. What is the definition of a cult? Now the definition of a cult maybe quite surprising to many if we just turn to a dictionary for the definition, because, as we just Continue Reading