Aaron Sandusky Has Spent 7 Years in Prison for Selling Medical Marijuana

This call is from a federal prison. literally, this prison is surrounded by marijuana farms and the people who work here pass farms on a daily basis to get to work here. You know, I struggle with it every morning. I mean, I listen to the radio, I hear commercials Continue Reading

"Business or Politics" Jake Tapper EXPOSES DISGUST Truth to About a PLOT DIRTY Kushner with Russia

now it's time for our conflict of interest watch series as the Russia investigation widens the Washington Post reports the finances of presidential son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner are being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Muller however sources have stressed to CNN that there's no indication the Kushner is Continue Reading

Jared Kushner has a problem | POLITICS NEWS

yesterday Jared Kushner and his wife who are both part of president Trump's entourage on his visit to the UK had their very own suit a royal moment as they stood on the balcony of buckingham palace this special moment was preceded by something that must have been decidedly less Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia's Political Purge: The Daily Show