What Are Most & Least Religious Countries?

when Yelp international with a new poll out ask people how religious they are in different countries so let’s find out who the most religious countries and then we’ll find out who the least religious are okay number one in the world I’m I can’t believe this Thailand is the Continue Reading

One Religion, Two Countries: Classical and Neo-Confucianism in Korea & Japan with Dr. John Goulde

The 10th to the 17th century forms of Confucianism, it developed very sophisticated. It would be equivalent, actually the closest analogy I have would be The Confucianism after the 11th century was very much like early renaissance scholasticism. If you compare how Christianity thought about itself prior to the 11th Continue Reading

European Socialism – COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY

History lessons sometimes depict the Cold War as an all or nothing struggle. You will see clearly delineated maps of who is communist, who is capitalist, and what the sides are. Now, I know many of you are fans of our sister channel Kings and Generals, so this might hurt Continue Reading

Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “angry” and “concerned” as nationalism …

we are living in a time of division which is being undermined in the name of nationalism and aggressive trade barriers former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban ki-moon recently spoke with a dude on TV stressing the need for global unity as the world faces a slew of Continue Reading

US Democracy-O’s – Countryballs

Hey little fella Now look what I got right here open up, here comes the plane no! ah… alright let’s try this again NO! NO! NO! alright I’m gonna give you one last chance! You can take your freedom and shove it in your aaaa Now I told you! you’r Continue Reading

Religious Symbols in Flags Explained

One of the most frequent symbols in vexillology is the presence of religious symbols. The religious symbols incorporated in flags can be Christian (the most important being the cross), Islamic (the most important being the crescent), Hinduistic or Buddhist. The largest category of religious symbols in flags is Christian followed Continue Reading

Life in Kofun Japan (Punishment and Religion) | History of Japan 12

The aristocracy during the Kofun Period lived lavish lives. Thanks to constant contact with the Korean Peninsula, the elites embraced Chinese and Korean culture. We know this because they kept stuffing shiny objects from the mainland into their tombs: iron armor and swords, and all kinds of silver and gold Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism Breeds Inequality

Welcome friends to another edition of economic update a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives jobs debts incomes the growth of some parts of the world economy their shrinkage of other parts and how it impacts all of us I’m your host Richard Wolff I’ve been Continue Reading

Denise Cruz on Global Fashion and Filipino Nationalism in the Postwar Moment

I’m Matthew Guterl. I’m the Chair of the American Studies Department, faculty member at American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Africana Studies, and I’m here today, very happily, to introduce Denise Cruz, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Toronto and winner of multiple awards from the Ford Foundation and Continue Reading

密着24時!日本のネオナチ – A Japanese Neo-Nazi

[The comments appearing in this video are personal opinions and do not in any way represent the views or position of Vice Media Japan.] I think discrimination is wrong, but… the idea that blacks, Germans, Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese are all equally capable is ridiculous. You are going to hear Continue Reading