Can imagining success actually help you achieve it? | Olympic State of Mind

You may have heard people say, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.” Well, there’s some truth in that, because just imagining your success in your mind beforehand can actually help you achieve it for real. From winning Olympic gold, to passing your driving test. A technique practiced Continue Reading

[V0515] 長崎2:太田尾川沿い狭路を進みフェリー航路廃止直前の茂木港FTへ

[V0459] 南東北13:鳥の海を一周し太平洋沿いにひたすら狭路を牛橋河口へ

Japan’s Cult-Favorite Fluffy Pancakes Are Now In NYC | Line Around The Block

Customer: I’m just expecting it to melt in my mouth. That’s all I’m here for, and absolutely worth the wait. Medha Imam: What’s better than pancakes for breakfast? How about an airy, jiggly soufflé pancake? For the first time, New Yorkers are able to try Japan’s most famous Miracle Pancake Continue Reading

IELTS Speaking Tips | Fear to Confidence | Introvert to Extrovert |

Hey guys, hi. I’m Manjita and welcome back to my channel Well today we will touch with a very very important topic which a lot of you have been asking me about and expressing your fear expressing your anxiety and Asking me tips and tricks of how to face the Continue Reading

8 Chinese Superstitions and Beliefs – Decode China

STOP believing these 10 LIES about Japan

Hello Everybody! This is the Uwaga Pies! RYO AND KRIS Today we’re gonna talk about something very interesting which is… stereotypes about Japan that are not necessarily true, IN FACT most of them are very explicitly FALSE If the internet is your main source of knowledge about Japan, then it’s Continue Reading

I Am Not In A Cult

So many people have asked me if i’m in a cult I’m not in a cult. Many people have asked me if Titanic Sinclair is a cult leader. Titanic Sinclair is not cult leader. We do NOT believe in cults Say it with me. I am not in a cult. Continue Reading

3 True Stories About INSANE CULTS

Number One A friend of mine in Japan had a sister who got involved with a weird cult over there. They meant by the name of Aum Skinrikyo The Supreme Truth. It was led by a guru, Shoko Asahara. A man who literally declared himself to be Christ reborn. He Continue Reading