The Benefits of Belief

In this Prager University course, I want to focus not on the evidence for God’s existence, but on the benefits of belief. If God exists, then the world didn’t just evolve by chance, but by deliberate design. There’s an Artist behind this incredible work of art, this big, and beautiful Continue Reading

Blind Muslim Trust Experiment – Stockholm

I’m a muslim, not the same as a terrorist. Do you trust me? I trust you! I’m a muslim, not the same as a terrorist. Do you trust me? I trust you! I trust you. I trust you. Fantastic! Of course I trust you! Thank you. Of course.. Hey! Hello! Continue Reading

Ep 1 || It’s All About Belief || Rob & Hamza

Bernie Sanders Was Wrong to Punish a Nominee for His Religious Beliefs

Bernie Sanders said something recently that really bothered me, and I don’t say that lightly, because I really like him as a politician. I like that he’s not especially religious and that he’s a liberal who makes other liberals look conservative. I voted for him in the Democratic primaries last Continue Reading

Oriental Beliefs MOOC is back! Join in!

You’re passionate about Oriental cultures, past and present? You’re fascinated by myths, beliefs and mysteries? If so, join our enthusiastic team of more than 20 teachers in an exciting journey thanks to our self-paced MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) «Oriental Beliefs: Between Reason and Traditions». It is informative, funny and Continue Reading

I Was In A Cult

– When I was seven, my parents joined a cult. (whooshing) (creaking) – I was in a cult. – I was born into a cult. – I was a part of the Advanced Training Institute from the time I was seven to the time I was 17. – I was Continue Reading

respecting beliefs | why we should do no such thing [cc]

It’s a sentiment that crops up with some regularity in religious discourse. Sometimes it’s expressed obliquely as a suggestion that we should all respect each other’s beliefs. Other times it’s delivered is a demand: ‘I respect your beliefs so you should respect mine!’ But in all cases, my reply is Continue Reading

Israelis: Why wasn’t the Jewish state established in Uganda?

Canaan and Hannah Rehovot Why did they establish the Jewish state here and not in Europe, Africa or South America? Because that was what was promised Who promised? In the Torah That’s why? Yes Do you agree? – Completely agree I have the same opinion as my husband Chen Holon Continue Reading

Palestinians: Can a Zionist also support a Palestinian state?

Can someone be a Zionist and still believe in a two state solution? Saib Tul Karem About Jews, there is no problem if he is Jewish but with Zionists Of course In his mind there is a lot of problems in his mind he thinks he can do anything He Continue Reading

Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State