Israeli Arabs: Do you accept Israel as the Jewish state?

Do you accept Israel as the Jewish state? Mohammad Faradis I think it should be a binational state Because we’re both both nations were born not born Both nations were are part of this land? – Yes We both have … I don’t think it should just be for one Continue Reading

Standing with those persecuted for their faith or belief. #Article18ForAll

Today, we want to mark the International Day Commemorating Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Freedom of Religion or Belief. We stand with those persecuted – every person must have the right to believe as they choose, have the right to change that belief if they choose, and have Continue Reading

The Jihad Triangle: Belief, Knowledge, Obedience (David Wood)

Lines are one-dimensional. But if you put several lines together in the right way, a second dimension emerges—something more complex than any of the individual lines. Human beings are complex creatures. We make decisions based on a variety of factors: genetics, upbringing, feelings, beliefs, desires, and so on. Much of Continue Reading

Palestinians: Would you agree to a binational state?

What do you think of one state with Israelis and Palestinians? Mohammad Nablus Yes, I think that would be okay Would everyone be equal? His mother (from the side) is saying no He is saying, not everybody but maybe we can be equal together Why is his mother saying no? Continue Reading

Allah Loves Trust | Episode 8 | Ramadan Series

asalamualikoum welcome back to Allah loves so one of the things that causes people usually to become disillusion in their journey to Allah is when they stop trusting Allah. when they start feeling like things are out of control in their lives that they did the dua’a part they did Continue Reading

“Zealot” Author Reza Aslan State of Belief Radio Interview: July 20, 2013

[REV. DR. C. WELTON GADDY, HOST]: Reza Aslan is a respected religion scholar, a popular commentator, best-selling author and University professor. His first book, “No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam,” has been translated into thirteen languages, and named one of the 100 most important books Continue Reading

Haute Hijab Real Talk – Self Love & Confidence

Yay! Salamu alikum everybody we are now live joining me is Hoda. How’s it going guys. I know this is the first time that we’ve done on YouTube and how it works basically its leverage talking to two years in a piece so we haven’t gone anywhere right now she’s Continue Reading

Ep 3 || It’s All About Belief ||Gary(Pantheist) & Hamza

Eating at a Vegan Restaurant Owned by a Cult

We wanted to check out the vegetarian food options in HCMC, So we walked into this restaurant owned by a flamboyant woman, who some may consider a cult leader… Welcome to Loving Hut. There are quite a few monks eating here, so you know it’s legit. It’s Buddhist monk certified. Continue Reading

Blood significance & Religious beliefs.’s Jehovah’s witnesses are mentioned in the discussion

I’m Ernie Rea and this is the Beyond Belief podcast. Today we’re discussing blood. Our religious traditions are steeped in the stuff, from ritual slaughter in the ancient Jewish temple to Islamic methods of killing animals – to the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. It seems to be Continue Reading