Annihilation — The Art of Self-Destruction

Hi, I’m Michael. This is Lessons from the Screenplay. Every genre brings with it a set of expectations that shapes the kind of stories it can tell and the themes it can explore. And as Alex Garland, writer/director of Annihilation says, science fiction is perhaps the best genre to openly Continue Reading

Ben Shapiro Clashes With Sam Harris On Religion And Morality.

Let”s talk about where you think morality comes from. So, in the religious view, obviously there are certain things that I believe are capable of understanding by any sentient human being. I don’t believe all human beings in the absence of religion are immoral people who go around murdering their Continue Reading

Climate Documentary: The Cross of the Moment

So, the paradox is, if life were easy, if life’s just the sort of thing that shows up relatively easily and grows relatively easy into what we’ve become, and that from where we are, we can relatively easily continue on on to grow, then we should expect the Universe to Continue Reading

How Intellectual Property Hampers Capitalism | Stephan Kinsella

it is truly an honor to be here today the supporter summit its Doug did mention I will be teaching a Mises Academy course starting in November and as Jeff Tucker mentioned yesterday it does have some advantages over to a normal classroom and being in person one of the Continue Reading

"Kenya, digitizing traditional culture"

Capitalism, Socialism, and the Jews