The Cult of Debt Forgiveness

Apple, Market Manipulation and the Cult of Personal Finance – RAI with Rana Foroohar (2/6)

Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m in New York City and this is Paul Jay and Reality Asserts Itself. Rana Foroohar is an associate editor and global business columnist for The Financial Times. She’s also CNN’s global economic analyst and she joins us in the studio. Thanks for joining Continue Reading

How inequality in the UK is mapped: from the Victorian era to the 2019 election | FT

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALAN SMITH: So Alasdair, we’re talking maps today, and we’re also talking inequality, which is a big word in the election manifestos this year. But in fact, when we talk about mapping inequality, that’s not a new thing. It’s been done before. So who was the first to Continue Reading

Is the middle class disappearing?

Michael Eric Dyson Breaks Down Jay-Z’s Lyrical Genius in Made in America

-Welcome to the show. -Thanks, man. -Should I call you professor? I don’t know what to even — -Michael Eric Dyson is good. Michael is even better. -Oh, okay, great. Michael, tell me about this. You teach this course — class at Georgetown… -Right. -…about Jay-Z. Why did you pick Continue Reading

The 99% Is a Myth—Here’s How It Really Breaks Down

In our own minds, we usually place ourselves in the social class in which we were raised. For me, like many Americans, that means “middle class.” But the truth is that the social classes in the United States are rapidly pulling away from one another. The emerging class system looks Continue Reading

Political common ground in a polarized United States | Gretchen Carlson, David Brooks

Chris Anderson: Welcome to this next edition of TED Dialogues. We’re trying to do some bridging here today. You know, the American dream has inspired millions of people around the world for many years. Today, I think, you can say that America is divided, perhaps more than ever, and the Continue Reading

The era of blind faith in big data must end | Cathy O’Neil

Algorithms are everywhere. They sort and separate the winners from the losers. The winners get the job or a good credit card offer. The losers don’t even get an interview or they pay more for insurance. We’re being scored with secret formulas that we don’t understand that often don’t have Continue Reading

How Hollywood Misrepresents the Working Class ft. Gabe Gonzalez | Decoded | MTV

– Do you ever wonder how 20-somethings on TV are able to hang out with their friends in the middle of the day, spend all their time in a bar, fly to a wedding in Italy, and still pay their rent and student loans on time? Because, that’s impossible in Continue Reading

Economic Update: Injustice, Race and Class

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Economic Update, a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives – those of our children, those looming ahead of all of us. I’m your host, Richard Wolff. I want to start today by telling you three little short stories about corporate Continue Reading