Is ESG prompting the end of shareholder primacy?

Shareholder supremacy has been a really dangerous notion in many ways. The system we operate within has been so focussed on short-term profit creation at the expense of people and the planet that that approach is no longer an option. Directors now need to look more and more at ESG Continue Reading

Asking Americans about World’s Largest Democracy..INDIA!!

I think Gandhi I don’t think it was Gandhi I’ve been very interested in going to India in general never doubted in this potential I’m actually looking forward to see how well indeed develop services correct again I find hello friends this is your hosts a BB G your Indian Continue Reading

When The Dutch Ruled The World: Rise and Fall of the Dutch East India Company

The Netherlands: a tiny European country that is actually one of the wealthiest and most important economic centers of the continent. The surprising success of the Dutch is invariably tied to one company, which was arguably the greatest and most successful one in history. Today, we’ll see how the Netherlands Continue Reading

Why is Religion so Often a Source of Conflict?

such a sad reality the basis of every religion is to love God with all your heart mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself and ultimately everyone is our neighbor the shrimad bhagwat tells that the greatest service that gives pleasure to God is to show compassion to Continue Reading

5. Democracy: Why It Finally Worked – Truth Matters – Vishal Mangalwadi

Why did the Reformation liberate whole nations from political tyranny? The Sixteenth Century Reformation began as a spiritual movement in the heart of an university professor. When Martin Luther nailed his 95-Theses at the door of his University’s church, he was protesting against the corruption of his religion. So how Continue Reading

Democracy | Short Film Trailer | Releasing Next Week

Brothers and sisters Welcome Into the largest democracy of this world have a look its moving towards Phenomenal miraculous Development And See where it reaches In “World Democracy Index” It’s now at the 42nd rank Also it’s already classified as “flawed democracy” This is too much This is not how Continue Reading

“Buddhism in Light of the Bible” Baptist sermon preaching against Eastern Religion

Last Sunday morning I preached a sermon called Hinduism in light of the bible, and this Sunday morning, I’m going to cover another major false religion of the world, and that is the religion of Buddhism. Now, just a quick review of what I said last Sunday morning about which Continue Reading

Religious Demography of India

Namaskar ! I am going to talk about an issue that concerns the possibility of the continued existence of the Indian civilization as we know it, over the next couple of centuries. The data.. What I am going to talk to you about is… data… numbers And these numbers are Continue Reading

Religion In Numbers

5.8 billion believers worldwide, and infinite Gods …it’s religion in numbers! Today there are 19 major religions in the world, and the oldest is Hinduism. Hinduism is thought to have originated almost 3000 years ago in North India. It has 950 million followers and some religious scholars estimate that there Continue Reading