Sanctuary showdown: California localities reject state’s law

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DHS reviewing state laws giving illegal immigrants driver’s liscenses

Migrant Legal Aid: Restoring Trust in Law Enforcement

in your grant proposal you wrote that there nearly 65,000 migrant workers and their children in West Michigan and that 47% are undocumented. Do you believe the wider West Michigan community is aware of this population, or are they invisible? I don’t think that most people most Michigan realized how Continue Reading

Our Common Bond Clip 4 – Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties

Responsibilities of citizenship. Obey the law. It is the responsibility of all Australians to obey Australian government laws, state and territory government laws and local government laws, vote in elections and in a referendum. Voting is both a responsibility and a right. Citizens aged 18 years or over must register Continue Reading

DHS issues warning after state allows illegals to get drivers licenses

Richard Dawkins: 2 Flaws Plague Unscientific Belief, from Trump & Alt-Right to Religious Doctrine

It’s very unfortunate when you inadvertently find people agreeing with you who they’re the last people who wish to agree with you. I mean I despise Trump. I despise everything that he stands for. But it’s perfectly true that many people think that I ought to be on his side Continue Reading