Sanctuary showdown: California localities reject state’s law

DHS reviewing state laws giving illegal immigrants driver’s liscenses

DHS issues warning after state allows illegals to get drivers licenses

I Smuggle Illegal Immigrants Into United States (I Am a Coyote)

Myself, and about a dozen young men and women from Guatemala, are sitting in the half-light of dusk, inside an old barn-turned-safe house somewhere in the northern part of Chihuahua, Mexico. We’ve just finished a small dinner of rice and beans as we sorted through documents and reviewed plans for Continue Reading

Tennessee Community Forms Human Chain to Protect Family From ICE Arrest | NowThis

en este momento [Música] el apoyo de tu corazón [Música] ayer para hacerlo por eso [Música] el señor gasolina arturo y sin ley [Música] y [Música] se está saliendo el niño está saliendo el niño en este momento está saliendo también el señor y bueno ya están a salvo porque Continue Reading

Donald Trump’s message is violent to its core

during a rally in st. Louis Donald Trump lamented ya lamented that nobody wants to hurt each other anymore look he said it right here nobody wants to hurt each other anymore right and they're being politically correct the way they take them out so it takes a little bit Continue Reading