Telling a Story from the Inside Out

Hi, I’m Michael. This is Lessons from the Screenplay. A popular piece of advice for writers is to “write what you know.” While I do think a story’s emotional authenticity comes from the storyteller’s own experience, I don’t like the stagnation this phrase encourages. Instead, I prefer: “write what you Continue Reading

“How “”artistic capitalism”” enrich our daily life with beauty?” (Gilles Lipovetsky)

In this society, products, images, new technologies and methods of circulation all make possible a huge democratisation of beauty. For 95% of the population, they were very rudimentary. Their images of beauty were Madonnas in churches, and no aspect of their surroundings was involved. A peasant looked at his fields, Continue Reading

What is Berserk’s Take on Religion?

Berserk is a story with very clear religious allusions and inspirations. From the factions of organized worship touched on throughout the plot to the ironic religious imagery portrayed through both Guts and Griffith, this is a piece of work absolutely rich with symbolism about the topic. And while there are Continue Reading

Democracy doesn’t happen by chance – Official Trailer (2017)

Democracy doesn’t happen by chance. The challenge for me of always having to prove myself. That I can do it, I can do it as a black person. I can do it as a woman, in my own country. Looking at my parents I knew that nothing would change in Continue Reading

What is Death of a Notion? [Channel Trailer – Season 1]

What the Heck is Death of a Notion? On Death of a Notion we will focus on ideas and pretty much if there is anything that is potentially wrong with the idea we will bring in as much information as possible, and be able to answer it with near 100%ish Continue Reading

Isn’t Communism just Economic Equality?

Well hey there, welcome to our channel of… [Intro Music] D-D-Death. Death of a Notion. Today we’ll be asking ourselves a question that may bring a mental conundrum inside the minds of Vietnam War and Cold War veterans, and that question is: “Isn’t Communism just Economic Equality?” This is one Continue Reading

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