The Master Key | Elevation Church | Pastor Paul Daugherty

come on let’s give God praise this morning Lord we thank you you are so good you are so faithful Jesus we worship you we praise you God what an honor to be here this morning Elevation Church it is such an honor to be with you this morning I’ve Continue Reading

Rare Look at the Underground Church in China

>>Li Yang: Here in China there is such darkness but in this midst of this darkness we are experiencing God’s victory. I became a believer 10 years ago. I heard about Christ when I was on a business trip. After that my entire family came to Christ. But we are Continue Reading

Satanic Religious Zeal – Jul 19 – Homily – Fr Terrance

praise be Jesus and Mary today's gospel comes from the 12th chapter of st. Matthew's Gospel where Jesus disciples were criticized by the Pharisees for breaking the Sabbath the book of Exodus chapter 30 set 34 verse 21 said that six days you are to work but on the seventh Continue Reading

How Do Intimate Relationships Actually Work? Human Attraction Dynamics Explained

20090315 Human Relationships – Sex & Sexuality S2P1

20090308 Human Relationships – Parenting Children S2P1