Why Do People Join Cults?

[ ♪OUTRO ] When you hear the word cult, you might think of a dark chamber with a bunch of robed people chanting because of weird, sinister beliefs. Or tragedies like the over 900 people who committed mass suicide in 1978 because they were instructed to by Reverend Jim Jones. Continue Reading

Understanding Prayer: Framing Beliefs (9/10)

Does faith really make a difference? And is it possible to have faith, even in the twenty-first century, common time, after all we’ve learned from science? The answer to both questions is: Yes. Jewish faith isn’t irrational or naive or pre-scientific. Faith is what I call a framing belief, and Continue Reading

The True Story of 6 Remarkable Sisters

This video is supported by The Great Courses Plus. [DAVID] “I’m normal, my wife is normal, but my daughters are which more foolish than the other. Nancy writes lies about me, Diana’s the most hated woman in the country, Jessica’s missing off the face of the earth, and Unity is Continue Reading

The Roots of the Bahai Faith: Part 2

– Just as all the world’s major religion have dawned in the east, the Bahá’í Faith had its roots in Iran, which once was known as Persia. As Bahá’u’lláh’s followers multiplied, Ottomon and Persian authorities sought ways to suppress his influence. After unsuccessful attempts on his life, they mounted campaigns Continue Reading

Political common ground in a polarized United States | Gretchen Carlson, David Brooks

Chris Anderson: Welcome to this next edition of TED Dialogues. We’re trying to do some bridging here today. You know, the American dream has inspired millions of people around the world for many years. Today, I think, you can say that America is divided, perhaps more than ever, and the Continue Reading

Heroes | Restoring Faith in Humanity | 2017 | Episode 5

-What exactly does it mean, to be a good person? Don’t be in such a hurry. Think carefully. CHP rescues man on a rock before a 40-foot drop The California Highway Patrol used a helicopter to save a man standing on a rock near the top of a waterfall. -A Continue Reading

Why I choose humanism over faith | Leo Igwe

Something happened while I was studying in the seminary and training to be a priest. I came in contact with a different idea of life. An idea of life that contradicted the main teachings of religion — humanism. Some of you may be wondering, what on earth is humanism? Humanism Continue Reading

I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left | Megan Phelps-Roper

I was a blue-eyed, chubby-cheeked five-year-old when I joined my family on the picket line for the first time. My mom made me leave my dolls in the minivan. I’d stand on a street corner in the heavy Kansas humidity, surrounded by a few dozen relatives, with my tiny fists Continue Reading

This will DESTROY your Faith In Humanity

*Reads* “Why are the drinking fountains so short in Europe?” Because, that’s not a drinking fountain. That’s where people wash their… bUmS? I think I’m gonna be sick. WHY WOULD SOMEBODY DO THIS? I mean, I kinda know why they did it… Because I also wanna try that Wasabi flavor. Continue Reading

HBO’s John Adams – Thomas Jefferson and John Adams’ faith in humanity

There is talk of a convention in Philadelphia. They are to discuss a binding Constitution; I hope to attend, if only to have an effect on the style of its prose. I expect that any constitutional document that emerges from Philadelphia will be as compromised as our Declaration of Independency. Continue Reading