A Mother’s Day idea to honor moms in your church service

Hey, this is Dave Dolphin at practicalworshipblog.com, and Mother’s Day is coming up very quickly. You might be looking for an idea, something you can do to honor your moms in your service This is what we did last year. Now, it’s an idea that we stole, who they stole Continue Reading

A tour of our church drum kit setup

Hey, it’s Dave Dolphin at practicalworshipblog.com, and today I thought I would share with you the drums position we have here at the church. Now, all of this gear here is church owned. In fact, all of our positions here at the church—all of our players use church owned gear, Continue Reading

How to Replace the Solid State Drive | HP Spectre 12-a000 x2 Detachable PC | HP

Note: The following video depicts a specific configuration of the notebook. The same removal and replacement procedures apply to all configurations of the notebook. Before you begin: Remove the display panel assembly. Removal Carefully disconnect the battery cable from its connector on the system board. Remove the metallic shielding from Continue Reading

A better mix for your church service live stream web audio

Hey, it’s Dave Dolphin at practicalworshipblog.com, sharing ideas, tips and practical advice for the everyday worship leader. Today I want to talk about our broadcast mix, the audio mix that we used as a part of our livestream when we broadcast live our services on the internet either for people Continue Reading

How to Replace the Solid State Drive | HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 Notebook PC | HP

Before you begin: Remove the service door. Removal Disconnect the battery cable from its connector on the system board. Remove the 2.5 mm P1 Phillips-head screw that secures the solid state drive to the top cover. Grasp the solid state drive by the edges and pull gently to remove it. Continue Reading

《哈利波特 Harry Potter》、《飢餓遊戲 The Hunger Games 》都在列!10 本擁有強大文字力量的禁書|紐約客|VOGUE

禁書足以讓人看見文字的力量 來看看 10 本過去被查禁或禁止閱讀的書 《共產主義宣言》馬克思與恩格斯 這本於1848年出版的政治小冊 同年在土耳其遭禁並被查禁了165年 2013年 土耳其議會合法化453本禁書 包含馬克思與恩格斯的《共產主義宣言》 《人鼠之間》約翰史坦貝克 史坦貝克1937年的小說首次在1953年於愛爾蘭被禁 這本小說因為其中的種族歧視 褻瀆 和暴力而被質疑 它曾登上「美國圖書館協會」百大 於1990年至2009年最常被質疑的書單中 《麥田捕手》沙林傑 自1951年出版以來 沙林傑的少年成長小說就一直是遭查禁的目標 因為書裡包含低俗語言 它受到無數次質疑並經常被禁止 一位俄克拉荷馬州塔爾薩市的老師 因為指定高二英語班閱讀此小說 而在1960年被開除 《野獸國》墨利斯桑塔克 這本獲得凱迪克獎的童書曾在1960年中 因為太過黑暗與可怕而被禁 成人認為主角麥克斯以挨餓作為處罰是個問題 並且有些人不喜歡書裡提到的超能力 《安妮日記》安妮法蘭克 這本日記由一位猶太青少年 在全家躲藏並試圖逃離納粹的迫害中所寫 這本書因為14歲的法蘭克 在一小段落中形容她的生殖器而被禁 《記憶傳承人》露薏絲勞瑞 勞瑞1993的小說成為1990年至1999年間 最常被要求於圖書館移除的書單中排行第11名 這本小說最常因為不符年紀 暴力 過於露骨而被禁止 《威利在哪裡?》馬丁漢福 大人和小孩都在1990年中研讀《威利在哪裡?》 試著尋找那位戴著眼鏡又受長的遊牧人 其中一本書中不小心暴露了一名女性的胸部 導致密西根和紐約都成立「禁止威利」 《哈利波特》JK羅琳 2001年在新墨西哥州阿拉莫戈多市的基督教會 數名信徒放火燒了多本《哈利波特》書以抗議 教會牧師宣稱羅琳的書是「惡魔謊言的傑作」 Continue Reading


The Flag Knit Stitch Pattern. Hi Guys, I’m Kristen and thank you for joining me here on Studio Knit where we are knitting up this Flag Knit Stitch Pattern It has a beautiful depth of texture I’ve also seen this flag stitch called either the Pennant stitch or the Triangle Continue Reading

Back To School: DIY Organization + Supplies!

so I just thought they looked cute so it's my birthday today but for me I just quickly want to say things so much to everyone who sent in birthday wishes on Twitter and Instagram and anyways today I decided to make three DIY back-to-school supplies and organization stuff so Continue Reading

Do It Yourself Closet Organization

closet organization is something many people struggle with and I'm no exception I mean come here look at my closet now keep in mind I do travel a lot yeah this thing is an absolute disaster and I definitely need some help so he called master simplifier Cynthia Ivey from Continue Reading

!!MUST SEE!! Army MOS 42A Human Resources Specialist