JT Church – Kamri Peterson | Cha Cha | DWTS Juniors winners

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How to Make Your Guinea Pigs Trust You – 10 Easy Ways | Wheek Wheek Pets

Lay guinea pigs on your body in the morning, it’s warm from you, they like it After bathing, iron and comb your guinea pig When your guinea pigs are still small, take them to your bed every day and iron them. They will get used to you so quickly Iron Continue Reading

How Her Sister’s Death Affirmed Elizabeth Lesser’s Belief in an Afterlife | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

OPRAH:  And tell me how this whole process changed your relationship with death.     ELIZABETH:  Well, it’s something I think about and have since I was a little kid. Fear of death.  Wanting to know what’s on the other side.    OPRAH:  Mm-hmm.     ELIZABETH:  Fascination with death. And watching her take her last breaths, Continue Reading

Can Cindy and Jamiah Overcome Their Trust Issues? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Let’s talk about trust. So it feels like another one of the issues that the families have is that they feel like you two don’t really trust each other enough to walk down the aisle. [MUSIC PLAYING] And I understand there are a few issues. Let’s start with your Continue Reading

How to Celebrate Christmas in the United States?

hi everybody I’m Alicia from English class 101.com in this lesson you’ll learn some important phrases for Christmas in the US and some valuable cultural tips first let’s hear the name of the holiday Christmas Christmas Christmas is traditionally celebrated as a religious holiday this involves traditional customs such as Continue Reading

Self-Confidence | How To Be Confident & Increase Your Self-Confidence: 3 Secrets

this is Eric Michael from power life system and today I’m going to share with you how to do three things to have fantastic confidence I’m gonna relate it to learning how to snowboard because we’re out here snowboarding today and Lake Tahoe which is beautiful so I want to Continue Reading

The ultimate hot cross bun recipe from the National Trust

Easter is fast approaching, and one of the things I really find special about Easter is baking. So I’m going to show you how to make hot cross buns. The way I make them is slightly different. So there’s a special glaze that goes on them at the end which Continue Reading

77 ★POWERFUL★ Self Confidence Affirmations – Manifest Wealth Money Prosperity Cash Law of Attraction

Welcome to Growing Forever. I am confident, composed, and determined. I love myself deeply and completely. I love and respect myself. I remain relaxed and confident, even when facing rejection. I am courageous, and I stand up for myself. I am full of confidence. I am confident and determined. Improving Continue Reading

How to Overcome Phone Anxiety And Speak With Confidence In 3 Simple Steps

Cultivating Trust With One-on-One Time

>>Cantor: Stress will make it very difficult for children to pay attention, to focus and to learn. But there is a powerful antidote to stress and that is the effect of the human relationship and the presence of trust.>>One-on-one time is a great opportunity for a child to have with Continue Reading