In Jesus’ mighty name! Turn to your neighbour and greet them, “Emmanuel”. Give your neighbour a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. Give your other neighbour a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. Give the neighbour behind you a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. Give the neighbour in front of you a handshake; say, “Emmanuel”. And greet the Continue Reading

Who is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost? | Faith and Beliefs

In 1842, Joseph Smith, the first prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, wrote down 13 of the religions fundamental beliefs. We pulled a Star Wars and already covered number 11 in a past video but now we’re rewinding to number 1. Article of faith Continue Reading

A Course in Miracles, Trust, David Hoffmeister

Baal is Back! Demons in the Deep State

Definition of a Cult | That’s in the Bible PODCAST

I’m Brother Bob Pellien. Thank you for joining us on this podcast episode of That’s In The Bible. What is the definition of a cult? Now the definition of a cult maybe quite surprising to many if we just turn to a dictionary for the definition, because, as we just Continue Reading

Man CRIES OUT In Church That He Wants To MARRY… And THIS HAPPENS!!!

The SCOAN Sunday Service It’s alright. During a Sunday service, there is a seeming distraction in the congregation. We can see here, a young man creating a scene. Brother! Please take it easy. Come. What’s wrong? Come. I want to get married, I am not yet married. You want to Continue Reading

What Should I Look For In A Church?

My late husband had the, the brilliance of taking a taxonomy that originally was designed for something else. He got this taxonomy from his professor Cowley, some of, some of, some of you may remember he would tell it each time he would present his taxonomy, who was a professor Continue Reading

Church of England Christmas 2017 – Christingle (#GodWithUs)

Who is excited about Christmas? Good afternoon and welcome to All Saints Church. It really feels like Christmas after Christingle. Yeah, that’s like when you start the countdown. That’s when you’re like “Oh my gosh – Christmas”. Everyone gets a lot closer around Christmas. Christingle is a funny word, isn’t Continue Reading

Trust God Even When Life Seems To Make NO SENSE!!! | Yinka Sermon (SCOAN)

Good Morning, Church! Greet your neighbour, say, “You are welcome to the Arena of Liberty”. Say it with joy, “You are welcome to the Arena of Liberty”. Amen! Viewers all over the world, we welcome you to the Arena of Liberty. Amen! The Bible says in the Book of Psalms Continue Reading

“Break Through the Snare” (5) – Can Believing in the Bible Represent Believing in God?

Brother Paul said all scripture is divinely inspired by God. Paul wasn’t Christ. He was merely a corrupt man. How could he know that all scripture is inspired by God? Then how can we distinguish which words are the words of God and which are the words of man? … Continue Reading