National Socialism WAS Socialism | Rethinking WW2 History

What is National Socialism? National Socialism. National Communism. Whoa? Wait a second. WHAT? Yeah. Let me explain. According to Marxists, modern society is capitalist. And communism is the goal. Socialism is what happens on the way to communism. (Yes, I’m being super simple here, but this is the basic gist.) Continue Reading

How to fail at democracy 101: Weimar Republic

Class This is… awkward Listen it might look like I bailed on you for over a year That’s it Don’t expect me to apologize honestly I’m just glad that no one got pregnant while I was away Would have been really awkward explaining that to the principal Anyway, I’m already Continue Reading

Russian nationalists attack immigrants on St Petersburg metro – Truthloader

This disturbing video is just the latest in a long line of violent attacks carried out by nationalists in Russia. It’s suspected to be racially motivated and happened at the Udelnaya metro station in St Petersburg on November 4th. It happened just after a nationalist rally against immigrants which was Continue Reading

Nazis & Nationalists: The Rise of Greece’s Far-Right – I Ελληνικοι Υποτιτλοι I

Eleftheria is one of the latest victims of Golden Dawn, the far-right group that has surged in recent years while unleashing a wave of violence. She was attacked by several members of the group earlier this year at a community centre in the city of Piraeus. I had a very Continue Reading

“Never Again?” How fascism hijacks democracies over and over | Rob Riemen

Why is it difficult to identify fascism? Well the first, the main reason I think, is that it’s bad news. And with bad news, with inconvenient truths the natural response is denial, right? The most famous form of denial related to inconvenient truth was the report of the Club of Continue Reading

GA Republican Calls Obama A Marxist

watch out here comes republican congressman from georgia is named is representa paul broom and he’s got some interesting ideas about what brought robot might do well is worried that he is going to obama is going to institute paid to stop all like security force to impose a marxist Continue Reading

Nasyonal sosyalizm nedir? Adolf Hitler’in amacı neydi?

Nasyonal Sosyalizm nedir? Nasyonal sosyalizm Hitler tarafından temellendirilmiş siyasi bir ideolojidir. İki dünya savaşı arasında Almanya’da iktidara gelen bu ideoloji totaliterdir ve liderin kutsandığı bir sistem anlayışıdır. Adolph Hitler, 20 Nisan 1889 yılında Avusturya’nın küçük bir kasabasında 6 çocuklu bir ailenin 4. Çocuğu olarak dünyaya gelmiştir. 13 yaşından sonra Hitlerin Continue Reading

Trotskyist and socialist David North speaks on the threat of fascism

what is now beginning to take place throughout the world after so many decades in which the class struggle was suppressed there is a growing movement throughout the world of the working class against conditions that exist the ruling elites see this they know where this is going they feel Continue Reading

Overpopulation, Eugenics + Capitalism | Very Important Docs¹³

Soylent Green. Dan Brown’s Inferno. Logan’s Run. Ready Player One. And… Idiocracy. When I watch these films, I’m reminded of how it seems like there’s just too many human beings on Earth. That’s why I got this Tiny House and moved myself away from all those terrible, overcrowded city streets. Continue Reading

Comprovando que o Nazismo é de esquerda – The Soviet Story (A História Soviética) Legendado PT-BR

you you two nazis are killing civilians it was called the sardine method victims laid in layers like sardines in a jar an effective way to exterminate many people in a short time but this film will not be about the Nazis hands tied behind the back an expertly aimed Continue Reading