Warring States Japan: Sengoku Jidai – The Siege of Inabayama Castle – Extra History – #2

Welcome back to the Sengoku Jidai Last time we left off with Oda Nobunaga ascendant after his surprising victory over the Imagawa. And the young Tokugawa Ieyasu aligning himself and his clan with the victorious Oda. Now we enter a period of consolidation. As Nobunaga tries to strengthen his holdings, Continue Reading

Thomas Jefferson: Don’t Trust Politicians.

Never, ever, ever give any politician the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, people get more relaxed about following the Constitution when their preferred politician or party is in power. For instance, a Trump supporter told us he was concerned about Jeff Sessions and his directive to ratchet up asset forfeiture. Continue Reading

Top 10 Amazing Facts About State Odisha || Tourism | Culture | Food | Travel

Top 10 Facts of Culture State Odisha Hello Friends, Welcome to Top 10 Hindi Today we are going to talk about Odisha state All the videos you see, but we do not know much about our own states and it is a big sadness That’s why we brought you this Continue Reading

Cult Bikes ep. 2 | Suzuki GSX 1300 R “Hayabusa” [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders and Welcome from Your MadHorse! Here We’re again with a brand new Episode for “Cult Bikes” Series and like the ep. 0 The “Pilot” Episode of this section We’ll talk about a stunning Sport Bike/ Sport Tourer Like I said on previous video 90’s was a golden period Continue Reading

Cult Bikes ep.4 | Honda VTR SP-1/SP-2 “The Ducati Nemesis” [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders and welcome from Your MadHorse! Welcome back in another “Cult Bikes” episode This time We’ll Talk about the Honda VTR 1000 (Sp1 and Sp2) This bike was commercialized starting from 2000 The 1 model of this bike was the Sp1 (2000-2001) and his evolution: Sp2 (2002-2006) this bike Continue Reading

Cult Bikes ep. 0 | Yamaha YZF R1 98′ [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders! Welcome from Your MadHorse 😉 Today I’m gonna start a brand new section on this channel Here I’ll speak about all most beautiful bikes which wrote Motorcycling History and this 1st episode We’re gonna open with fireworks Talking about a bike which Shocked and changed the Motorcycling World Continue Reading

Disunited States of America (Every State is a Country) LORE

For the past few months, it’s felt that everyone in the United States is out to get each other: Liberals vs Consevatives, the cities vs the rural regions, the coast vs the continent. We’re all messed up, but at the end of the day we’re all still technically in one Continue Reading

Ouabache State Park, Bluffton, IN

One boundary of our park is bordered by the Wabash river, that’s where the name comes from. The name is actually French, it looks like, if you were to say it, it looks like “O-ba-chee.” That was how we answered the phone, that was how it was pronounced. I think Continue Reading

“Zealot” Author Reza Aslan State of Belief Radio Interview: July 20, 2013

[REV. DR. C. WELTON GADDY, HOST]: Reza Aslan is a respected religion scholar, a popular commentator, best-selling author and University professor. His first book, “No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam,” has been translated into thirteen languages, and named one of the 100 most important books Continue Reading

Phil Collins Visits the Texas State Library and Archives

Well I started off when I was five years old probably. Living in England to black and white television set in the corner of the living room sparked into life and what business King the Wild Frontier was on and Fess Parker he was probably near the end to the Continue Reading