Political History in Hongkong: How Communist China Denied HK from Having Democracy

During Umbrella Revolution, a lot of people would ask: “Why the British won’t give Hong Kong Democracy?” However, according to related secret documents, the British would plan to gradually introduce democracy into Hong Kong government, only to be stopped by the Communist Chinese leaders, who scare of eventual independence of Continue Reading

Hitler – OverSimplified (Part 2)

Since Germany’s military had to be reduced, Hitler could no longer remain a soldier after the war, but he kept working for the army as an informant. After the war, communists in Germany had attempted a revolution, and the government was worried about communism in general, so Hitler was tasked Continue Reading

Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14

Hi I’m John Green. This is Crash Course U.S. history and today, after last week’s bummer on slavery, we turn to a happier topic: the rise of democratization in the U.S. This was also known as the Age of Jackson, no Stan, not that Jackson. No, no, Stan, come’on seriously. Continue Reading

Capitalism and Free Market Documentary

The breakdown of Communism in the late 1980s and 1990S appeared to confirm what numerous individuals have since quite a while ago trusted: that capitalism is the regular state of humankind, that it conforms to the laws of nature and essential human slants, and that any deviation from those normal Continue Reading

Diana West: American Betrayal the Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

Thank you for that very gracious introduction, generous Katie. I’m very glad to be here with everyone tonight on the 69th anniversary of D-Day and also the 64th anniversary of the publication of 1984, which are two events that seem related more and more. This is the first formal presentation Continue Reading

Leon Trotsky | A Biography (1879-1940)

Leon Trotsky is a name you probably recognize. He was a man that dedicated his life to the Communist revolution, leading the Red Army to victory during the Russian Civil War and being Lenin’s designated successor. It didn’t pan out that way, however, and he was forced out by Joseph Continue Reading

Israel-Palestine conflict – summary from 1917 to present

One hundred years ago began a regional conflict that would quickly become one of the world’s most complex and controversial A conflict between two very different people for the same territory. To better understand its reasons and underlying issues, let’s retrace the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a map. We are in Continue Reading

A Short History of Anarchism

The year is 1881 and the Russian Tsar Alexander the second has, this morning, signed the Loris-Melikov constitution, a document that provided the first timid steps towards a constitutional monarchy. Later that day, whilst riding in his carriage, members of the revolutionary anarchist movement “People’s Will” attacked his carriage with Continue Reading

Is Niko Bellic a communist?

Read the text above. So, some people have been wondering, is Niko Bellic a communist? Well, Niko was born in Yugoslavia back in 1978. At the time, Yugoslavia wasn’t allied to nor under the influence of the Soviet Union, unlike most of it’s neighbouring countries, but it was under a Continue Reading

Trotsky vs. Stalin – The Struggle for Lenin’s Succession (1924-1929)

On his deathbed, Lenin attempted to ensure unified leadership within his party. After his death in 1924, Lev Trotsky, his most trusted follower, was disposed of by Stalin, who eventually forced him into exile to Central Asia, Turkey and finally Mexico, where Trotsky would be assassinated. Lenin had condemned Stalin Continue Reading