She Survived History’s Greatest Mass Murderer | Guest: Li Zhao | Ep 39

– Welcome to Kibbe on Liberty. We’re broadcasting almost live at the Atlas Network meeting in New York City, and I’m talking to my friend (beeps) who grew up under Mao’s China. We’re gonna hear some horror stories, we’re gonna talk about Hong Kong, and we’re gonna talk about why Continue Reading

What if Stalin Never Came to Power?

This is Joseph Stalin. The tyrannical dictator of the USSR, whose rule was built off of fear and ideological brainwashing. The legacy of his actions have cast a shadow over modern history. Wait… …what are you doing? No… I take it back- Stalin was a complex figure. He was a Continue Reading

Russian Politician Zhirinovsky speaks about history of communism (English subs)

-I also wanted to talk about other things. International events are far more important. -But the previous orator reoriented me. -My head just spins out of control when I hear speeches of communists. -It turns out that the people diciding everything. How great is it. The people deciding everything. -The Continue Reading

History of Communism Documentary

An economic and political philosophy – the founders of Communism have known to be Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels around the latter half of 19th century. When the two met in 1844 they found that their principles and ideologies were same. Published in 1848, together they wrote ‘The Communist Manifesto’. Continue Reading

Capitalism is a friggin' SCAM that's making us poor