Blood significance & Religious beliefs.’s Jehovah’s witnesses are mentioned in the discussion

I’m Ernie Rea and this is the Beyond Belief podcast. Today we’re discussing blood. Our religious traditions are steeped in the stuff, from ritual slaughter in the ancient Jewish temple to Islamic methods of killing animals – to the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. It seems to be Continue Reading

Kawad Yatra – Travel for Belief

please take a picture of me with lord shiva all devotees take beautiful kawads I also felt like taking my own to the lord someday all kinds of devotees come mothers, brothers, sisters all come from far distances Elders say, “all wishes come true, if you complete the journey And Continue Reading

Cult of the Ancestors – Honouring the Dead

*ravens cawing* *wind blowing* *guitar music* *melancholic music atmosphere* *deep slow singing* *dark atmosphere and music continues* Hello my dear friends, how are you? My name is Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the Cult of the Ancestors Now, this is by far the longest video I’ve Continue Reading

Prostitutes of God (Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SARAH HARRIS: The first thing that strikes you when you come to India is a sense of extreme contrasts. While some people are still shitting off the side of railway lines and eating from banana leaves, other people are drinking Frappuccinos and wearing Gucci sunglasses. Along with this Continue Reading

Spiritual Shipwreck of the Word-Faith Movement (Justin Peters) (Selected Scriptures)

Let’s go to the Lord in a word of prayer, then we’ll begin. Our Father, we do thank You for this time and we pray that Your Holy Spirit who is always active, always present, always working will guide us into the truth of Your Word. Sanctify us in the Continue Reading

Geography Now! NEPAL

You know after I made the India video, I got a lot of Nepalese people saying: “You made a mistake. Buddha was not born in India. He was born in Lumbini, which is in Nepal.” Too, which many of the Indian subscribers were like: “Yeah, but Buddhist texts say he Continue Reading

Learn About Karma and Hinduism | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

Hey we’re USC, and you’re probably wondering why I’m back in college. Is it because I’m 29 and still don’t have a degree? no it’s because we’re meeting Pavitra today who is, oh, let’s see…Pre-Med, she plays the piano, she sings, she dances, she’s a screenwriter, a journalist, and probably Continue Reading

The Stay Proud Project – Episode 7: FAITH

I was born and raised in a strict, religious Muslim family in South India. We went to church every Sunday. Every Wednesday or Tuesdays we had like Mutual. So, my life revolved around the church. People would say that people who are gay have the devil inside them and the Continue Reading

Dharam – A Hindi Short Film based on conversion of religion

God create human and man divided himself into various religion, castes and communities There is a race to increase the number of followers among each religion and community because whoever will have more numbers, will rule over this world Our this story is also based on some real life incidents Continue Reading