Lost Maples State Natural Area, Texas [Official]

[music] We have thousands upon thousands of people come out here in the Fall to come see the foliage change. Some years it’s just absolutely gorgeous with the color change. In a state where much of the landscape remains the same year-round, the change of seasons at Lost Maples State Continue Reading

Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] [birds] This is about as good as you get in the hill country. [music] I am Bill McDaniel, Park Superintendent, Pedernales Falls State Park. This park is about 35 miles west of Austin just off highway 290. We get asked all the time what’s the correct pronunciation? To me Continue Reading

Communist Roll’d – Ray William Johnson [SUBTITULOS ESPAÑOL]

what’s happening for my hair that’s what’s happening anyway I want you to check out this video of this tree branch that fell on some power lines and I know you’re probably thinking Rea you want me to watch a video of a tree branch oh I actually want your Continue Reading

Bernie advisor versus Buttigieg advisor on the role of money in politics

within 24 hours the second round of the Democratic primary debates are going to kick off according to a poll by The Economist and you gov senator Bernie Sanders holds the lead among 18 to 29 year old voters followed by mayor Pete Buda judge so how important are the Continue Reading

Hill's Political Correspondent: Trump has many paths to defeat in 2020

it appears president Trump's re-election may not be a certain as many Republicans would like you to think according to navigator research many Americans are conflicted and they may disapprove of the president while still crediting him with a strong economy those folks have been dubbed moral market watchers and Continue Reading