“This is not wide spread knowledge” Jordan Peterson on Soviet History

so I want to tell you about a book today the book is called The Gulag Archipelago you ready the book is called The Gulag Archipelago and it’s by a russian author soviet author named Alexander Solzhenitsyn who was in they do like archipelago concentration camp system for a very Continue Reading

“Karl Marx” – Assassin’s Creed: Real History

Hi everyone, my name is Robius and today I’m here to present to you the tenth episode in the new iteration of Assassin’s Creed the Real History. In this series I review the depiction of characters in the Assassin’s Creed franchise and use that as a launching point to compare Continue Reading

HIGH SOCIETY | Trailer deutsch german [HD]

[Applaus] du und ich wir könnten die spenden engel vom deutschland aber stell dir doch mal vor wir würden rein in die slums und die menschen da direkt helfen einfach mal mit anpacken ich möchte wirklich mal wissen woher du diese penetrant geerbt hat ich bin vertauscht worden da haben Continue Reading


you're watching the madness of a lost society November 26 2010 Black Friday revealed yet further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our lost society case you didn't hear the leaders of China and Russia China and Russia said that they are renouncing the dollar the best Continue Reading

High Society Radio 07/18/19 – Johnny Flew In On The Lolita Express

The Incredibles on Blu-ray: "Wheres My Super Suit" – Clip