Kiaya’s Trust Issues 😬 Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

♪ I’m a bad girl ♪ ♪ Doing what I want ♪ ♪ This is my world ♪ ♪ Such a bad, bad chick ♪ ♪ Bad, bad girl ♪ – [Kiaya] Things have been up and down since Teazha moved in. When we got back together, Teazha made a Continue Reading

Can You Trust Influencers on YouTube?

(synthesizer music) – And as always, like and subscribe, and we’ll see you guys next time. – [Director] Fantastic, good job, Myles. – [Myles] Cool, cool, cool. – [Director] But we need you to have a little bigger smile this time, a little bit bigger, nice. And we’ve got a Continue Reading

‘Trust Exercise’ author Susan Choi on power dynamics and timely fiction

NICK SCHIFRIN: On the “NewsHour” Bookshelf tonight: The setting is a high school for the performing arts. The location? An unnamed Southern city. And the lessons are about consent, power, and memory. “Trust Exercise” won this year’s National Book Award for fiction. As part of our ongoing arts and culture Continue Reading

Trust Part Two

Melanie: Hey everyone! It’s your girl, Melanie Benson, here to tell you that senior year is here! Melanie: First off: hope you all had a great summer! I spent it at the beach in Hawaii! Melanie: But, of course, we have the memorial for students Sam Hardy and Clark Stepien Continue Reading

SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Face of the Family” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(intense drum beat) – Why can’t I go? – There’s a difference between knowing about something and actually participating in it. (door slams) (drawing knife) (groaning) Everything that we have in R, it’s me. You don’t say a word unless I tell you to. – Maybe it’s the Sunny family Continue Reading

SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Summer Buddy” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

– [Woman] Taylor, baby, you weren’t supposed to see that. – [Taylor] Why can’t I go? – Taylor you’re too young. – [Taylor] Do you ever wish you could do whatever you want and not have to answer to anyone? – What the fuck? – You do not walk away Continue Reading