The Problem of Faith

Faith, it’s a fundamentally human phenomenon, the belief in something for which there is no proof. It’s the foundation of all religions. blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move Continue Reading

Norvel Hayes | It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth | General of the Faith

Sid: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Our show has one of the true generals of faith, Dr. Norvel Hayes, 86 years young. And the doctors, the doctors say that when they examine him they can’t imagine how someone can be that healthy. And not only that, Continue Reading

The Real Reason Why Stan’s Family Loves Church – South Park

Come on, guys. We don’t wanna be late. Do I have to go? It’s the only day I get to play games. We’re all going. Come on. I don’t understand why we have to go to church every Sunday. Church is important, Stan. Way more important than video games and Continue Reading

Faith Can’t be Separated from Works

True faith cannot be separated from works of righteousness, these are inseparable. Yet, many Christians today believe that they can pit FAITH against WORKS as if they are both warring for salvation. But faith and works are one in the same thing IF IT IS TRUE FAITH. That is why Continue Reading

Building A Forever Faith – 2 Peter 1:1-11 – Skip Heitzig

Introduction: Hello and welcome to this podcast with Pastor Skip Heitzig of Calvary Albuquerque. Skip’s messages are shared globally and we’re encouraged when we hear how lives are being transformed. If this message strengthens you spiritually, tell us. Email us at [email protected] And if you’d like to support this ministry Continue Reading

JESUS, (English), Jesus Teaches About Prayer and Faith

Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks will receive, and he who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to anyone who knocks. Would any of you who are fathers give a Continue Reading

Spiritual Shipwreck of the Word-Faith Movement (Justin Peters) (Selected Scriptures)

Let’s go to the Lord in a word of prayer, then we’ll begin. Our Father, we do thank You for this time and we pray that Your Holy Spirit who is always active, always present, always working will guide us into the truth of Your Word. Sanctify us in the Continue Reading

The Lord’s Word to His Church: Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7–13)

As you know, we have been going through Revelation, chapters 2 and 3, and the letters to seven churches in Asia Minor that were written to those churches by the Lord Himself, the head of the church in the first century, and given to the apostle John to write down Continue Reading

Is Faith Blind?

Converted German Muslim Ahmad Aries Interprets The Islamic World 03

in the last area in my according to my knowledge in last area to what you said planning on day they were carrying the knowledge from from today to tomorrow otherwise how they can stand a 600 years yeah but as since the the end of the 18th century there Continue Reading