When “seeing” shouldn’t be “believing”: Illusions at work

>>NARRATOR: Want to catch your brain making a mistake in real-time? Take a look at this checkerboard, created by vision scientist Edward Adelson. The squares labeled “A” and “B” are exactly the same shade of gray. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. I see them as different too. But Continue Reading

The Constitution, the Court, and Social Change | Tomiko Brown-Nagin || Radcliffe Institute

Good evening. My name is A’Lelia Bundles. And I am Radcliffe College and Harvard College class of 1974. And I just– [APPLAUSE] –and I just spent the weekend in Cambridge at my 45th reunion, which was lots of fun. We have a really special class. What can I– I know Continue Reading

Clinic Stories: Democracy Brewing

[MUSIC PLAYING] JAMES RAZSA: So Democracy Brewing, we get the name because we’re a worker-owned company and democratically governed. We really wanted to recreate the public house. And for us, that meant going back once upon a time. There was a third place that wasn’t the church and wasn’t your Continue Reading

The Scalia Lecture: “Liberal Education, Law, and Liberal Democracy” by Peter Berkowitz

DEAN JOHN MANNING: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the 2018 Scalia Lecture, “Liberal Education, Law, and Liberal Democracy” by Peter Berkowitz. Let me start, as is the custom, by saying a few words about the lecture, the namesake, and the person who is here to deliver it today. The Justice Antonin Continue Reading

HLS Library Book Talk: Cass Sunstein’s “#Republic: Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media”

JOSELYN KENNEDY: Good afternoon, everybody. My name’s Joselyn Kennedy. I’m the executive director of the Harvard Law School Library. Welcome to our book talk. I want to thank the dean for providing lunch. I also want to let you know that this is being recorded, both the talk and the Continue Reading

Money as a Democratic Medium | Money, Democracy, and Morality

SCOTT FERGUSON: Well, I think everybody is here. I’d like to welcome you all to the Money, Democracy, and Morality breakout panel. Let me quickly do something here on my phone. My name is Scott Ferguson. I am Associate Professor of Humanities and Cultural Studies at the University of South Continue Reading