Confidence – How to Achieve It?

Namaskar. I will talk on confidence. There are more than 7 billion human beings on this planet. All of them to some extent talented, intellectually developed, having two hands, two feet, capable of immense achievements. But unfortunately out of those 7 billion actually only a few people are becoming fulfilled Continue Reading

Cross-Cultural Trust | SMU Research

I am Tan Hwee Hoon, I’m an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour Human Resource Management at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business at the Singapore Management University. My area of research is trust in the workplace, and I’m very interested in why people trust, how people trust, and what Continue Reading

Belief | Short Film | International Women’s Day 2016

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Build your confidence FAST (follow these 13 tips)

So you want to build confidence how do you do it, and is it even possible About ten years ago when I was just starting college I would have said there’s no secret you either have it or you don’t and I would have been dead wrong Back, then I Continue Reading

Create a Breakthrough for FREE

Have you been watching any of our stories about leaders and entrepreneurs, like you, becoming stronger, more aware and balanced? And they’re more effective at growing their business as they prevent disease and create greater health. One of the strategies they learn from our exclusive Playbook and coaching program is Continue Reading

❤️ Faith is not belief in the unknown 💜 Abraham-Hicks 💕 Laws of the Universe, Vortex, Expansion

thanks but what we want to define faith as going general enough that you know your potential and your goodness and that’s enough if you can get there then everything else will fill in with the specifics faith in a religious sense or or even in the sense that most Continue Reading

How To Build Confidence And Self-Esteem For Yourself

Among the endless social media jungle that we live in, it has become increasingly easy to get lost in a sea of comparisons as we are bombarded by ads subtly telling us all the ways that we are just not “good enough”. Now one of the damages that can occur Continue Reading

Tony Robbins: Beliefs That Hurt Your Relationships ( Tony Robbins Psychology )

What’s your vision has let’s start with something else oh ok well you’re voting for this man okay stand up giving hand i was told to return but because once you put you want to yeah I do because it was so well-received of a man this is a winning Continue Reading

5 Common Habits That Will Kill Your Confidence

Every single day, we do something that are fantastic for our confidence and we do others that aren’t so good — they drag it down and destroy it. The problem is we can’t always tell which of those is which. And that’s why in this video, I want to show Continue Reading