Why Isn’t Palestine A State Yet?

In May of 2015, the Vatican officially recognized the State of Palestine. They joined at least 135 UN members who also acknowledge Palestine’s independence. However, a number of countries, Israel and the US in particular, have failed to recognize the legitimacy of an independent Palestinian state, with it’s four million Continue Reading

Why Does The U.S. Love Israel?

Why does the US support Israel? It’s a simple question, but simply stating it as a question can elicit defensive or hostile reactions. Supporters of Israel find the question itself offensive because they see Israel as a democratic nation with a right to their own land and freedoms. So, why Continue Reading

Diana West: American Betrayal the Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

Thank you for that very gracious introduction, generous Katie. I’m very glad to be here with everyone tonight on the 69th anniversary of D-Day and also the 64th anniversary of the publication of 1984, which are two events that seem related more and more. This is the first formal presentation Continue Reading

Israel-Palestine conflict – summary from 1917 to present

One hundred years ago began a regional conflict that would quickly become one of the world’s most complex and controversial A conflict between two very different people for the same territory. To better understand its reasons and underlying issues, let’s retrace the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a map. We are in Continue Reading

What Does Jihad Actually Mean?

Jihad, in the news, is often translated to mean “Holy War”. But “Holy” and “war” are both English words with Latin origins, so it probably doesn’t mean exactly that. According to Google Translate, the individual words exist separately in Arabic. So, what is Jihad? Does it refer to a set Continue Reading

The people of Gaza are Victims of Hamas

the people of Gaza are victims victims of Hamas a terrorism at continues to put its extreme Islamist ideology above and beyond the interest of the population but what does Hamas really want Hamas openly declares its hatred of Jews and its objective of destroying Israel Hamas has ruled Gaza Continue Reading