GAME MASTER is Missing after RZ Twin Hacks Channel! (Trust Fall into Mystery Pool at 3am)

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What’s up, everybody? I hope you are all having an amazing week. So, I think just about everybody in this world struggles with confidence at times. So today guys, as a relationship counselor with a doctoral degree in psychology, I’m giving you ten easy brain hacks to instantly turn your Continue Reading


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Us girls will do ANYTHING for the perfect lighting. And I mean anything Holding up a ring light with your feet. I mean it might slip and break your face, but that one moment That you’re holding it up And you Continue Reading

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– Hi sisters. – Hi sisters. – James Charles here and welcome back to YouTube channel. As you guys can see, I’m with a very, very special guest. Magic. Makeup by Mario, Mario Dedivanovic. King, we’re here in the studio set up you guys. A few weeks ago, we did Continue Reading

A better mix for your church service live stream web audio

Hey, it’s Dave Dolphin at, sharing ideas, tips and practical advice for the everyday worship leader. Today I want to talk about our broadcast mix, the audio mix that we used as a part of our livestream when we broadcast live our services on the internet either for people Continue Reading

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So how many of you How many of you were raised perhaps like me where in your family? So how many of you How many of you were raised perhaps like me where in your family? Maybe there was some split How many of you were raised perhaps like me Continue Reading

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