The Truth About Che Guevara

Hi, everybody. This is Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio. Hope you’re doing well. And this is the truth about one of the most revered, iconic and controversial rebels of the 20th century, The Truth About Che Guevara So who is the man? Well, his real name was Ernesto Guevara. He Continue Reading

Alaska Reality Shows Get Sarah Palin Socialist Tax Credits

David: If you’re like me, Louis, you’re probably into some of these different reality shows that are on TV, and the ones I’m specifically talking about are ones like, for example, “Flying Wild Alaska”, and there’s “Ice Road Truckers”, “Gold Rush Alaska”, so on and so forth. And… you’ve heard Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism in Denial

[music] Welcome, friends, to another edition of Economic Update, a weekly program that you’re quite familiar with by now, and you’re also familiar with me. I’m your host, Richard Wolff. I want to talk today in the beginning of our program about two parallel economic developments, one in the United Continue Reading

Predatory Capitalism and War for Oil

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Washington. And we pick up our series of interviews with Larry Wilkerson. Thanks again for joining us. LAWRENCE WILKERSON: Sure. JAY: So in ’93, Colin Powell retires and you go back to teaching. So pick up the story. Continue Reading

Capitalism In Crisis – Module 27 : Who Caused the Great Recession?

This episode begins with Adam Smith placing a call to fellow zombie economist Jeremy Bentham…now residing in Truthiness City. Bentham…wary of liberals…had accepted part-time work at the university there…creating 18th Century rebuttals to liberal dogmas about what’s happenin’ now. But…with demand waning for his own dogma…Bentham more recently downsized to Continue Reading

Is Scientology A Religion Or A Cult?

Since it was established by Science Fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 1954, Scientology has  reportedly amassed over 10 million members worldwide. Scientology might affirm itself as a religion but some scholars argue that it should instead be classified as a new religious movement, while other critics suggest that it Continue Reading

Helena Kennedy QC at FutureFest 2015: The Future of Democracy

Thank you very much for introducing me. I have been introduced before as Helena Kennedy, the lawyer who represents women and other criminals. [LAUGHTER] You’re going to wonder why I’m here talking about democracy. Partly because, in fact, I’ve actually been involved in lots of things that have been to Continue Reading

OFFICIAL VIDEO Cloak of Secrecy: The Religion of the Federal Reserve

value what is it that make something or someone valuable there are special moments in all of our lives like the birth of a newborn child for cherishing lifelong memories with an old friend that make moments in our lives golden there’s another meaning to the word value that my Continue Reading

Does The First Amendment Really Protect Speech & Religion?

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution might be the most frequently debated amendment in US history. Although it is regularly used as shorthand to talk about freedom of speech, it also includes a number of other important clauses, without which the US would be unrecognizable. So, what exactly Continue Reading