Michael Lewis Promises the Deep State Doesn’t Exist

-Welcome back. -Pleasure to be here. I’m happy to talk to you about this book. This is basically about how the Trump Presidency and Donald Trump himself had no interest in maintaining a functioning government through the transition of the previous administration, and you’ve said that, “Only Donald Trump could Continue Reading

Treasures of New York: The New York State Capitol

narrator: It is one of the grandest buildings in North America. man: United States capitol. Grand Central Station. Name your favorite buildings. The state capitol in Albany is on par with any of them. narrator: It took 32 years, $25 million and five architects to build it. The seat of Continue Reading

Question Period: NATO summit, climate change and jobs – December 6, 2019

What’s the Difference Between Local, State, and Federal Government?

Hello my name is David and welcome to Auspol Explained. We’re gonna be discussing what the local vs state vs federal government is. What’s the difference? So Australia has three tiers of government. Now federal is perhaps the one we’re all the most familiar with. That is the one with Continue Reading

Mitt Romney Clueless: Middle Income is $250,000 Per Year

yeah i think you’re speaking of of reality let’s uh… let’s talk about next mister yeah this is incredible at during the same interview with george stephanopolous mit romney we’ve got a casually act what would he mentioned middle-income people so george stephanopoulos says well what do you mean by Continue Reading

How to Get Back the Middle Class in America

dine in seattle a done what’s up all right uh… yet disregard that most talk about just moments before fred not mistaken the president has presidential powers therapeutically given to whom by the previous republican president to ordered execu orders trooper example partly force recovers handles filibustering cosmic gridlock cameras Continue Reading

Middle Class Decline – Reagan

that it’s going to come as an incredible shot to most americans that were not the richest nation in the world on america likes to think of itself is the richest nation on the planet in space they considered common knowledge a which countries they register america cars three or Continue Reading