Int’l community, WHO trust S. Korea’s capacity to counter COVID-19: FM

referring to the latest entry ban of South Korean nationals by China South Korea’s top diplomat says border controls or decisions made by the central government despite more countries imposing entry ban Kang jung-ho said on Thursday that diplomatic efforts are underway to tackle such issues we have strongly protested Continue Reading

Sanctuary showdown: California localities reject state’s law

Thomas Jefferson: Don’t Trust Politicians.

Never, ever, ever give any politician the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, people get more relaxed about following the Constitution when their preferred politician or party is in power. For instance, a Trump supporter told us he was concerned about Jeff Sessions and his directive to ratchet up asset forfeiture. Continue Reading

Bernin’ for Bernie (Burning for You) ~ Bernie Sanders – Blue Oyster Cult Parody

It was a tough decision. Do I get into senior boxing? Or run for president. Bernie Sanders in the house! I am very pleased that you invited me to be with you today. And I’ve prepared a few words. For this important occasion. If you want money out of politics, Continue Reading

Ambassador Cornstein’s New Year Remarks

Happy New Year, Hungary! On behalf of the United States, I offer you my warmest wishes for a joyful, safe,and prosperous 2020. The New Year is a good time to reflect before looking forward together. Hungary and the United States have accomplished so much in 2019. Our countries have significantly Continue Reading

Ron Paul: Stop the Police State, Repeal the PATRIOT Act!

Hello, this is Ron Paul with your update for Monday, January 3rd. The year 2011 brings in a host of opportunities and challenges to America. Will we accelerate toward economic insolvency by continuing the policies that have created this crisis, or will a new Congress elected on the energy of Continue Reading

California bans smoking, vaping on state parks, beaches

Californians will soon have to keep their butts out of state parks and beaches — cigarette butts, that is. Hi, I’m Rachel Becker, an at CalMatters. And for the next minute, I’m going to explain the new law limiting where Californians can smoke and vape in the great outdoors. Lawmakers Continue Reading

Our Common Bond Clip 4 – Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties

Responsibilities of citizenship. Obey the law. It is the responsibility of all Australians to obey Australian government laws, state and territory government laws and local government laws, vote in elections and in a referendum. Voting is both a responsibility and a right. Citizens aged 18 years or over must register Continue Reading