Why Is Islam the Fastest-Growing Religion in the World?

Thank you very much Randy, and let’s go right back to our phone callers. Next up is Tony, he is listening in Leavenworth, Kansas, Sirius XM 131. Hi Tony. Hi Hank, thanks for taking my call. I just have a question, and you had mentioned it in regard to Islam Continue Reading

Why a Hindu Priest Left the Religion to Follow Christ

[MUSIC PLAYING] Growing up in London, my parents were Hindus. That automatically makes me a Hindu. Hinduism is a canvas of hundreds of religions with different doctrines and ideas and philosophies. I was so desperate to search for God that at the age of 19, I flew to India and Continue Reading

Michael Horton on Why He Loves Jesus

– [Michael Horton] I love Jesus because he first loved me. That is the love that defines, really, what friendship is all about. While I was dead in trespasses and sins, while I was an enemy, Scripture says he loved me and gave himself for me. Some people might die Continue Reading

Anti-Religious Symbolism in Happy Feet

Now I know you guys have been waiting for a new review for quite some time and don’t worry something huge is coming, but I thought I’d give you something short to tide you over. So this review is about “Happy Feet” and I’m not destroying it – even though Continue Reading

Bioshock Infinite Music – (Give Me That) Old-Time Religion (1873) by Fisk Jubilee Singers

♪ -time religion ♪ ♪ The old time religion ♪ ♪ It’s good enough for meee ♪ ♪ T’was good for the Hebrew children ♪ ♪ T’was good for the Hebrew children ♪ ♪ T’was good for the Hebrew children ♪ ♪ T’was good for the Hebrew children ♪ ♪ Continue Reading

False Assurance of the Religious (John 8:37-47)

People asked me whenever I get around military locations if I’m related to General Douglas MacArthur, and I am. It’s a distant relationship, but yes, the answer is yes. One very kind young man there thought that I would be interested to know that there was a midshipman back in Continue Reading

Bible Questions and Answers, Part 64

PHIL: Well, John, I know everybody’s been saying this to you all day, but I want to say it too; welcome back, we missed you JOHN: Well, thank you, thank you. It’s good to be back. Thank you. PHIL: This is fast becoming my favorite time of year: you come Continue Reading


Oh some clerks it for months you want to say call a lawyer how we'll find similar shot that's all praises to the most high power in heaven in the neighborhood entering the cause Jesus Christ renamed aha was shot we are the Hebrew Israelites of so-called blacks Latinos and Continue Reading

Bishop Barron on Religious Liberty

well just back from a wonderful two-week trip to England with my we're on fire team we traveled from Durham in the north to London in the south by way of Leeds and Liverpool and Birmingham and Oxford as well as some side trips to Lindisfarne that great the kind Continue Reading