Would The World Be A Better Place Without Religion?| AJ+

What causes much of the world’s conflicts? Well, if you agree with these guys, they’d say religion is the catalyst for almost all of the world’s violence. I think faith based religion is the mother lode of bad ideas. People will kill each other’s children for ancient books and caves Continue Reading

Wendish Religion: Ancestor Cult, Werewolves & Vampiric Dead

hello friends how are you, I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the religion of the Wends, also known as Sorbians well lately I’ve been mentioning Slavic peoples on my videos and if I’m not mistaken on the video about the horse in Norse religion I’ve mentioned Continue Reading

India: Largest Democracy, Megadiverse, Peaceful & Full of Contrasts

Between the Far and Middle East is India, the largest democracy in the world and home to one of the most ancient civilizations. Only 6 countries are larger than India and only China has a bigger population. Mark Twain said: >India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace Continue Reading

New Pagan Temple In Poland & Religious Freedom

Hello friends! My name is Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about… what am I going to talk about today? ah… alright huh… hrrm… the new.. p-p-ppp… I can’t understand your letter hang on it’s in the title alright today I’m going to talk about “The new pagan Continue Reading

Biblical Series V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers

So I’m going to read you something. I get some I had a lot of mail And I don’t know where I got this I’ve been a lot of different places in the last week And this showed up at one of them, and I’m going to read it to Continue Reading

Hidden History of Global Elite Nephilim Bloodlines & Secret Societies – Gary Wayne

hi my name is Gary Wayne and I've written a book called the Genesis six conspiracy how secret societies and the descendants of giants planned to enslave humankind it's a it's a book that I spent 30 years in research and in writing the book it was one of those Continue Reading

Christianity After Religion: Diana Butler Bass at All Saints Church, Pasadena

hi I'm Edie bacon director of All Saints Church Pasadena whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith I hope that you'll find something here that speaks to you welcome good morning and thank you for coming we have a very important topic to discuss Continue Reading

Graham Hancock – Magicians Of The Gods – PART 1/2 | London Real

Rowan Williams – The Finality of Christ in a Pluralistic Society

thank you very much indeed Christopher and Victor for your welcome and thank you all for being here this afternoon and for the invitation to speak to what is indeed a very searching topic the two texts in the New Testament which most clearly Express the issue we're reflecting on Continue Reading