Jasmine Goes to Church | Shade: Queens of NYC

Baseball Legend Darryl Strawberry Interview: Icons of Faith Series

– Welcome Darryl Strawberry. (audience applauds) Good to have you. You know, Darryl, I’m havin’ a deja vu moment, I feel like we’ve done this before, right? – We have, we have. We’re pretty good at it though. – I think so, I think you’re pretty good at it. This Continue Reading

Full Gospel Movie “Faith in God 2 – After the Church Falls” | True Stories of Christians in China

What are you doing? You can’t tear down the church! – Yeah, it’s legal. – This is a government-approved church. – Why are you doing this? – What gives you the right? Everyone back! You can’t tear down our church! We’re loyal citizens. We have government orders, and we’re carrying Continue Reading

How to Maintain Faith When Life Seems Unfair | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

OPRAH: So let’s start right there — because I think that what you just said is the key that unlocks the path to a successful life. And that is, trust life. BROTHER DAVID: That is the beginning. OPRAH: That is the beginning. Right? Isn’t that the foundation? BROTHER DAVID: That’s Continue Reading

Portraits In Faith: Ramesh Balsekar

Yes sir, you are Daniel? – I’m Daniel – Nice – I’ve been working on a project called “Portraits In Faith” – And I’ve been interviewing people around the world about — – And what is the title? – “Portraits In Faith” – Importance of faith? – Yes — And Continue Reading

The Devilish Puppet Master of the Word-Faith Movement (Justin Peters) (Selected Scriptures)

Well it is a joy to be with You and what we will be doing in this session and tomorrow’s session is that we will be looking at the Word of Faith Movement, more commonly known as the Health and Wealth Gospel, the Prosperity Gospel, Name it and Claim it Continue Reading

Science Tests Faith

>>Can’t you just feel it? The conflict is becoming apparent in our culture. It reminds me of those words of John Paul II: “We’re now living in the final confrontation between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, between the Church and the anti-Church, between Christ and the Antichrist.” And if we Continue Reading

Faith in Jesus Christ | Misconceptions

At a national youth convention of one of the major Christian denominations I was speaking about truth and the Resurrection, and the reliability and accuracy of the scriptures; and I went out into the audience and I interviewed students, and I would say, “Do you believe the Bible is true?” Continue Reading