Can I Trust My Conscience?

Well we are ending our week of great questions and biblical answers with an interesting one. The question someone recently sent me was simply this. “Can I trust my conscience?” Think of how massively important that question is. Right now your conscience is telling you, it’s evaluating, accusing or defending Continue Reading

United Methodist Beliefs: Suicide

♪ (music) ♪ (Beth Richardson) Through the years, the church has said that suicide is an unforgiveable sin. But we know from our teachings in The United Methodist Church that there are no unforgiveable sins. The United Methodist Church acknowledges that suicide is not the ending that God would wish Continue Reading

ロシアのカルト教祖 2/3 – Cult Leader in Russia Part 2

Once you enter through those beautiful gates, remember that you’re leaving a state of mind where all thought of worry and other strong emotions will be washed away. [JESUS OF SIBERIA] [PART 2 OF 3] [ROCCO CASTORO][VICE] Today is August 18th, [ROCCO CASTORO][VICE] which is the high holy day of Continue Reading

Confidence – How to Achieve It?

Namaskar. I will talk on confidence. There are more than 7 billion human beings on this planet. All of them to some extent talented, intellectually developed, having two hands, two feet, capable of immense achievements. But unfortunately out of those 7 billion actually only a few people are becoming fulfilled Continue Reading

Holy in ASL & CC by Rock Church Deaf Ministry

The earth cannot contain its joy So mountains were born, mountains were born The sea cannot contain its praise The mighty waves roar, the mighty waves roar All of creation Singing the same song One hallelujah To You and You alone Holy, holy To the One who scattered the stars Continue Reading

Can You Trust Your Thoughts

Recently a creationist (factorandrew) put forth an old argument that I had not heard in a while, but thought it worth repeating, and subjecting to the universal shredder of creationist ideas, LOGIC. The argument goes as follows: Evolutionists (whatever those are, for the record then I am also an atomist, Continue Reading


– [Sean] Good morning to you, my precious brothers, and sisters in the Lord. This morning I want to talk about put your trust in God, coming from the book of Psalms, chapter 91. You know, just on last night, I just read over this Psalm, and it just really Continue Reading

The Biggest Way to Build Your Confidence

Who is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost? | Faith and Beliefs

In 1842, Joseph Smith, the first prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, wrote down 13 of the religions fundamental beliefs. We pulled a Star Wars and already covered number 11 in a past video but now we’re rewinding to number 1. Article of faith Continue Reading