Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] Today, dinosaurs live only in imagination. But in some areas their footprints still bare witness to creatures that were once masters of the earth. Some of the best preserved evidence of these creatures can be found about an hour’s drive from Dallas at Dinosaur Valley State Park. It is Continue Reading

Night one of the Dem debates put the leftist ideology fully on display

so back in the day back in the old days when Barack Obama was president there are a lot of figures we talked about people like Rahm Emanuel David Axelrod who had really far left-wing views that none of us were comfortable with they were views that were you know Continue Reading

Ep. 41 | Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay | The Glenn Beck Podcast

we constantly hear about activism on campuses we have gotten familiar with the stories of the far-left ideologies and and ideologues and and activists that claim to be professors these days a professor with a conservative belief or anything right of Marxist is about as rare as a polkadot Rhino Continue Reading

David Horowitz: Society reflects who we are

you write in your book dark dark agenda the last page no spoiler here but the last page you say a navy a nation divided against such fundamental ideas individual freedom on one side in group identity on the other cannot long endure harkening back to Lincoln any more than Continue Reading