Messy Mondays: The Three Types of Churches

You know what cracks me up? Whenever someone’s like, “Dude, my church is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” and then goes on to describe any church you’ve ever been to. And you’re standing there like, “Yeah, dude. Yes, that’s awesome. Cool.” Look, when it comes down to it, there’s Continue Reading


ok c'est lancé je vais récupérer le thème parce que là pour le langer aucun visuel je met face à la lumière ce sera mieux voilà allez on est en test on est en test on est on est sur place ça commence dans trois minutes les dresseurs je vais Continue Reading

The Aftermath Of Black Society Viewing My Sexual Abuse as A Child and why(Irene Yvette)

what's going on everyone welcome to BMP blackmail talk I am joined here by the amazing Macklin RVing event I put the link to our channel in the description below I also put the link to an interview that um I keep very close to me that I was allowed Continue Reading

Conan Gray – Crush Culture

10 Most Awkward Political Gaffes

in my state of the my State of the Union our state my speech to the nation where you wanna call it our national interest oughta be to encourage the breath best and the brightness he could Chuck Graham state senators here Chuck stand up Chuck let him see it Continue Reading

Demographic structure of society – age | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy

let's take a quick look at the demographic of age sociology often looks at different age cohorts a cohort is simply a group of people but here we're looking specifically at different age groups or generations because these people all live through the same certain events through a certain time Continue Reading

SNSD – Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) Ideology Remix English Version

yeah can you Oh only one and make them and to my boy tell me don't you a bit tired of all the work cuz I'm a superstar shining star superstar Oh and make sure Oh djay ah one don't you Oh yeah to and to oh gee I'm Cheney Continue Reading