Sir Lyra * Laugh & Cry * at MULTI CULT 10

Let’s talk about the themes. Ha ha ha! [laughing] Augh aha [sobbing] Laugh and Cry! What are they, what is it? An emotional impulse? An instinct perhaps. An ancient instinct. Can we control our emotional impulses? Why, yes we can! Hello, male socialization! [laughter] [soft keyboard music] It’s obvious! We Continue Reading

Believing is seeing: science, women and primates. | Marta Gonzalez | TEDxMadrid

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Carlos García Braschi Once upon a time, a beautiful princess fell under the sleeping curse of a vengeful witch. Everybody knows how this tale ends: the dashing prince manages to find the sleeping princess wakes her up with a kiss, and naturally, the princess was immediately Continue Reading

Blood significance & Religious beliefs.’s Jehovah’s witnesses are mentioned in the discussion

I’m Ernie Rea and this is the Beyond Belief podcast. Today we’re discussing blood. Our religious traditions are steeped in the stuff, from ritual slaughter in the ancient Jewish temple to Islamic methods of killing animals – to the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. It seems to be Continue Reading

Why America is the world’s biggest cult | Rose McGowan

The thing we should do with people who create art that have done terrible things… Well, if you found out that the head of Johnson & Johnson was a serial rapist that everybody at Johnson & Johnson knew, one way or another, would you still buy that baby powder? Sorry Continue Reading

Nicole Kidman is in a Cult! … again.

Guessing the Gender of GERMAN NAMES with Don’t Trust The Rabbit

Hey everyone! Dana here, and today I’m back with Trixi in Hamburg. We’re back filming some videos together, and right now it is a video on names. Specifically German names. Okay, so Trixi, you have a daughter with a name, so you obviously went through the naming process in Germany. Continue Reading

SJW Cult explained in 60 seconds.

It is our duty to fight. (cultic chorus) We are the borg. It is our duty to win. (cultic chorus) Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We have nothing to lose but our chains. (cultic chorus) We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. It is Continue Reading


– [Ryan] Jesus was so badass. He was, like, the king of calling out bullshit. People are like, “Hey, you can’t talk to Samaritans.” Jesus is like, “Bullshit.” ♪ [music] ♪ I was brought up in the system, evangelical Christianity, where this was the cardinal sin. You don’t do this. Continue Reading

“Belonging” – One Church in Chandler, AZ

The day I walked in I remember hearing Aaron say, “I’m not here to tell you how to love God or how to find God, I’m just here to strengthen your relationship with whoever God is to you.” When he said that I was just like this is home. This Continue Reading