Economic Update: Capitalism’s Leaders

Welcome friends to another edition of Economic Update kind of warm here in New York City and I commiserate with you if you have that problem where you are this is a program that every week looks at our incomes our debts our jobs what’s coming down the road I’m Continue Reading

Graff Against Capitalism / Graffiti gegen Kapitalismus

Tucker Carlson Offers INSANE Defense Of Kim Jong Un

China warns Canada not to be naive in thinking allies can fix dispute | Power & Politics

we have countless conversations with our allies and wherever I travel in the world I talk to Canada's Allah is about this difficult moment we're having with China there are many messages that are being sent to Chinese officials among those in the world who believe in a rules-based international Continue Reading

Trudeau confident Trump raised detained Canadians with Chinese president | Power & Politics

I am confident that the Americans brought up the issue and President Trump brought up the issue of the detained Canadians in China we are very pleased that so many countries around the world our allies and friends and others have highlighted to China that the situation that these two Continue Reading